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Land (agricultural) - 11607m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 11607m²

Landlux Properties
Rivière du Rempart, East
Rs 27,000,000 as from Rs 149,933/month

Agricultural land of 3055 toises for sale in Riviere-du-Rempart. The selling price is at Rs...

Land (agricultural) - 13211m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 13211m²

Landlux Properties
Petite Rivière, North
Rs 20,345,000 as from Rs 112,977/month

This is a unique opportunity. Available for sale plot of land of 3.13 acres in the industrial...

Land (agricultural) - 1093m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 1093m²

Square Meters
Mon Désert, South
Rs 3,000,000 as from Rs 16,660/month

Located in a rapidly developing region close to Mon Desert Mon Tresor project, the plot of 25...

Land (agricultural) - 6753m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 6753m²

Geocim Immobilier
Triolet, North
Rs 2,500,000 as from Rs 13,883/month

Triolet: District Sipailles agricultural land of 1.6 arpents. Fee 2% + VAT.

Land (agricultural) - 4221m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 4221m²

Landlux Properties
Les Mariannes, North
Rs 12,000,000 as from Rs 66,637/month

For sale a plot of agricultural/commercial land of 1 arpent (4,221 m2) at Les Mariannes. For a...

Land (agricultural) - 4639m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 4639m²

Habitat Immobilier
Petit Raffray, North
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 36,095/month

This wonderful agricultural land of 1 acre 10 is located in Petit Raffray. Ideal for various...

Land (agricultural) - 6125m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 6125m²

Habitat Immobilier
St Antoine, North
Rs 10,500,000 as from Rs 58,307/month

2 Magnificent agricultural plots of land side by side of 1 acre 45 and 1 acre 47 situated in...

Land (agricultural) - 4774m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 4774m²

Habitat Immobilier
Deux Bras, South
Rs 2,260,000 as from Rs 12,550/month

OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED !!! Wonderful plot of agricultural land of 1 acre 13 with access...

Land (agricultural) - 4221m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 4221m²

Habitat Immobilier
Quartier Militaire, Center
Rs 4,300,000 as from Rs 23,879/month

This agricultural plot of land of 1 acre is situated at Quartier Militaire. Ideal for...

Land (agricultural) - 12996m² Urgent 1

Land (agricultural) - 12996m²

Petite Rivière, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 88,849/month

For sale at Petite Riviere near royal road near police station. Land of 12996 m2 or 3 arp 08...

Land (agricultural) - 22202m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 22202m²

Habitat Immobilier
Anse Jonchée, South
Rs 7,000,000 as from Rs 38,872/month

This beautiful agricultural land of 5 acre 26 is situated at Anse Jonchée. Ideal for an...

Land (agricultural) - 12620m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 12620m²

Habitat Immobilier
Anse Jonchée, South
Rs 4,000,000 as from Rs 22,213/month

This beautiful agricultural land of 2 acre 99 is situated at Anse Jonchée. Ideal for an...

Land (agricultural) - 4991m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 4991m²

Geocim Immobilier
La Flora, South
Rs 1,600,000 as from Rs 8,885/month

eau Climat close to Curepipe Agricultural plot of land 4991 square meters. Fees Agency 2% +...

Land (agricultural) - 13860m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 13860m²

Barnes International Realty
Black River, West
Rs 48,400,000 as from Rs 268,768/month

BLACK RIVER - Land for Sale in a Privileged Location This agricultural parcel is well...

Land (agricultural) - 5824m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 5824m²

Seeff Properties
Grand Bay, North
Rs 18,650,000 as from Rs 103,565/month

Well situated land, ideal for a PDS project Land situated on Chemin 20 pieds, in a well...