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Land (agricultural) - 4305m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 4305m²

Immo Express
Mare Longue, Center
Rs 4,000,000 as from Rs 21,965/month*

Agricultural plot of 4,305m2 (or 1.02 arpents) in Mare Longue in the vicinity of Jet Ranch....

Land (agricultural) - 17990m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 17990m²

Immo Express
Les Mariannes, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 87,858/month*

4.26 arpents in Les Mariannes with an exceptional view of the islands of the North. Located in...

Land (agricultural) - 6350m² 6

Land (agricultural) - 6350m²

Immo Express
St Antoine, North
Rs 18,000,000 as from Rs 98,840/month*

Investment opportunity! Agricultural plot of 6,350 square metres / 1.50 arpents ideal for a...

Land (agricultural) - 4816m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 4816m²

Immo Express
St Antoine, North
Rs 9,120,000 as from Rs 50,079/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 4,816m2 / 1.14 arpents in St Antoine.

Land (agricultural) - 7048m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 7048m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Rs 15,500,000 as from Rs 85,113/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 7,048 m2 (or 1.67 arpents) nicely located within 200 metres from...

Land (agricultural) - 158283m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 158283m²

Immo Express
La Nicolière, North
Price N/D

Huge agricultural plot of 158,283 square metres (or 37.5 arpents) found in a unique...

Land (agricultural) - 12891m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 12891m²

Immo Express
Bambous Virieux, South
Rs 6,200,000 as from Rs 34,045/month*

Agricultural plot of an extent of 12,891m2 (3,393 toises / 305 perches / 3.05 arpents) with a...

Land (agricultural) - 15533m² Urgent 7

Land (agricultural) - 15533m²

Camp de Masque, East
Rs 3,700,000 as from Rs 20,318/month*

For sale at Mont Gibraltar at Camp de Masque agricultural land of 3 arp 68 perches. At the foot...

Land (agricultural) - 4308m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 4308m²

Immo Express
Morcellement St André, North
Rs 4,100,000 as from Rs 22,514/month*

Agricultural plot of an extent of 4,308m2 / 1.02 arpents situated in Morcellement St André....

Land (agricultural) - 2190m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 2190m²

Immo Express
Plaine des Papayes, North
Rs 1,785,000 as from Rs 9,802/month*

Several agricultural plots ranging from 2,190 m2 (or 51 perches) to 2,939 m2 (or 69 perches) in...

Land (agricultural) - 14090m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 14090m²

Immo Express
Bois Rouge, North
Rs 15,030,000 as from Rs 82,532/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 14,090 m2 (or 3.34 arpents) located right along the Fond du Sac...

Land (agricultural) - 36890m² Urgent 1

Land (agricultural) - 36890m²

St Julien d'Hotman, East
Rs 12,000,000 as from Rs 65,894/month*

For sale at Saint Julien Village near Lallmatie. Agricultural land of 8arp 74p at1 km from...

Land (agricultural) - 15837m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 15837m²

Habitat Immobilier
Pointe aux Sables, West
Rs 28,125,000 as from Rs 154,438/month*

This agricultural land of 3 acres 75 on the main road is located at La Tour Koenig, Pointe aux...

Land (agricultural) - 63331m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 63331m²

Immo Express
Anse Jonchée, South
Rs 20,000,000 as from Rs 109,823/month*

Plot of land beautifully nestled in the upper section of the valley in Anse Jonchée. Ideal for...

Land (agricultural) - 12080m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 12080m²

Vertitech Holding
Mont Mascal, North
Rs 20,000,000 as from Rs 109,823/month*

2 arpent 86.20 perches of agricultural Land for sale at only 20M. Disdance from the land to...