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All you need to know about Real Estate in Mauritius! Under this heading, discover the different sections featuring the latest Mauritian property news, advices and tips. Sections are divided into dossiers which are subdivided into thematic articles : Investing in Mauritius, Accommodation, Expatriation Holidays in Mauritius and not to mention our Fact Sheets displaying useful information regarding administrative procedures, useful addresses, legal advice among others.


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The IHS Concept

The project’s approbation A project under the IHS scheme must absolutely be approved by the Board of Investment. Once approved, an IHS (...)

The RES Concept

The Real Estate Scheme, RES, is the second scheme under which a foreigner can invest in Mauritius. The statutory framework of RES is based on (...)

The concept of IRS

It is important to point out that the concept of Integrated Resort Scheme is in no case specific to Mauritius. Launched for the first time in (...)

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Employment, Visa and BOI Conditions

An occupation permit is a pre-requisite for those willing to work or to invest in Mauritius. The occupation permit cell is jointly operated by (...)

Reasons to Invest in Mauritius

Over the past few years, Mauritius, thanks to its best practices, has built itself a solid reputation as a secure and reliable investment hub in (...)

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Leisure activities in Mauritius

L’Aventure du Sucre At Beau-Plan, L’Aventure du Sucre in an ancient factory converted into a museum telling the story of sugar in Mauritius. (...)

Flights to Mauritius

Thanks its particular multicultural aspect, Mauritius has turned into a sought-after world-class tourist destination attracting visitors from (...)

About Mauritius

History The first recorded discovery of Mauritius was made by Arab seamen in AD975 who named it Dinarobin (Silver Island). In 1507, the (...)

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Fact Sheets

Checked Luggage, Passport & Visa

Before taking a trip to Mauritius, you should be aware of some practical information concerning your luggage and identity administrative papers (...)

Routes et transports à l’Ile Maurice

Pour vous déplacer à travers l’île, vous aurez le choix entre les taxis, l’autobus ou les voitures de location. Le réseau routier de l’île est bien (...)

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