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Land (agricultural) - 2110m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 2110m²

Asha Ventes Immobiliers
La Marie, Center
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 29,552/month*

Agricultural land for sale in La Marie Please call Asha for a site visit

Land (agricultural) - 9033m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 9033m²

Asha Ventes Immobiliers
Beau Climat, South
Rs 7,000,000 as from Rs 31,826/month*

Splendid land of 2 arpents 14 perches fenced, close to motorway with nice fruit trees, ideal...

Land (agricultural) - 9100m² Exclusivity 4

Land (agricultural) - 9100m²

Greenland Property
Curepipe, Center
Rs 26,000,000 as from Rs 118,208/month*

A Spacious, Flat and Freehold Agricultural Land of 9100 m2 with mountain views and well...

Land (agricultural) - 92859m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 92859m²

Asha Ventes Immobiliers
Petite Rivière, West
Rs 44,000,000 as from Rs 200,044/month*

Agricultural land of 22 arpents for sale at 44 million in petite riviere Please call Asha for a...

Land (agricultural) - 9919m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 9919m²

Immo Express
Ripailles, Center
Rs 3,500,000 as from Rs 15,913/month*

Plot of agricultural land of an extent of 9,919 m2(or 2.35 arpents) with magnificent mountain...

Land (agricultural) - 4221m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 4221m²

R&B Real Estate Investment Ltd
St François, North
Rs 9,500,000 as from Rs 43,192/month*

Land for sale in St Francois 1Arpent 5 Perches/4431.91 meter square. very close to the main...

Land (agricultural) - 1710m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 1710m²

Grand Bay, North
Rs 4,100,000 as from Rs 18,641/month*

Three plots of land of approximately 1,670 m2, 1,710 m2 and 2,256 m2 respectively for sale in...

Land (agricultural) - 8442m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 8442m²

R&B Real Estate Investment Ltd
The Vale, North
Rs 18,000,000 as from Rs 81,837/month*

Agricultural land for sale in the north, in The Vale, already fenced with all its amenities...

Land (agricultural) - 87363m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 87363m²

Immo Express
Mare d'Australia, East
Rs 12,500,000 as from Rs 56,831/month*

Beautiful plot of land of an extent of 87,363 m2 (or 20.7 arpents) nestled in a peaceful...

Land (agricultural) - 4221m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 4221m²

Habitat Immobilier
Quartier Militaire, Center
Rs 4,300,000 as from Rs 19,550/month*

This agricultural plot of land of 1 acre is situated at Quartier Militaire. Ideal for...

Land (agricultural) - 16883m² 9

Land (agricultural) - 16883m²

Property 12
Deux Bras, South
Rs 10,000,000 as from Rs 45,465/month*

Unique opportunity! Agricultural land of 4 arpents in Deux Bras Price: Rs 2.5m / arpent Very...

Land (agricultural) - 12364m² New 4

Land (agricultural) - 12364m²

Habitat Immobilier
Midlands, Center
Rs 5,840,000 as from Rs 26,552/month*

This agricultural plot of land of 2 acre 92 is situated in Midlands. Good opportunity for...

Land (agricultural) - 9725m² 8

Land (agricultural) - 9725m²

Habitat Immobilier
Mare Longue, Center
Rs 5,750,000 as from Rs 26,143/month*

These various portions of agricultural land are situated at Mare Longue. Ideal for an...

Land (agricultural) - 7475m² New 3

Land (agricultural) - 7475m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bois, South
Rs 2,800,000 as from Rs 12,731/month*

This agricultural plot of land of 1 acre 77 is situated in Grand Bois. Good opportunity for...

Land (agricultural) - 6125m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 6125m²

Habitat Immobilier
St Antoine, North
Rs 10,500,000 as from Rs 47,738/month*

2 Magnificent agricultural plots of land side by side of 1 acre 45 and 1 acre 47 situated in...