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Land (agricultural) - 22160m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 22160m²

Mavis Properties
Quatre Soeurs, East
Rs 14,500,000 as from Rs 79,622/month*

Agricultural Land of 5.25 acres for sale in Quatres Soeurs with slight slope which is...

Land (agricultural) - 4727m² Price reduced 9

Land (agricultural) - 4727m²

SGR Real Estate Agency
La Laura, Center
Rs 2,500,000 as from Rs 13,728/month*

Very interesting and attractive land with splendid view on the eastern and central region of...

Land (agricultural) - 6125m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 6125m²

Habitat Immobilier
St Antoine, North
Rs 10,500,000 as from Rs 57,657/month*

2 Magnificent agricultural plots of land side by side of 1 acre 45 and 1 acre 47 situated in...

Land (agricultural) - 4639m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 4639m²

Habitat Immobilier
Petit Raffray, North
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 35,693/month*

This wonderful agricultural land of 1 acre 10 is located in Petit Raffray. Ideal for various...

Land (agricultural) - 84013m² 9

Land (agricultural) - 84013m²

Habitat Immobilier
Anse Jonchée, South
Rs 29,850,000 as from Rs 163,910/month*

This beautiful agricultural land of 19 acres 90 is situated at Anse Jonchée. Ideal for an...

Land (agricultural) - 4009m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 4009m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 13,000,000 as from Rs 71,385/month*

This agricultural land of 1055 toises on the main road is located at La Salette, Grand Bay with...

Land (agricultural) - 11099m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 11099m²

Habitat Immobilier
Union Vale, South
Rs 12,800,000 as from Rs 70,287/month*

TO VISIT ABSOLUTELY !!! This agricultural plot of land of 2 acres 62 is situated on the main...

Land (agricultural) - 16887m² 6

Land (agricultural) - 16887m²

Habitat Immobilier
Petite Julie, North
Rs 20,000,000 as from Rs 109,823/month*

TO VISIT ABSOLUTELY !!! This agricultural land of 4 acres on the main road is located at Petite...

Land (agricultural) - 8749m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 8749m²

Habitat Immobilier
Deux Bras, South
Rs 10,000,000 as from Rs 54,912/month*

This agricultural land of 2 acres 07 (2303 Toises) including water and electricity, is located...

Land (agricultural) - 4084m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 4084m²

Vertitech Holding
The Vale, North
Rs 10,000,000 as from Rs 54,912/month*

This land of 4084 square metres/96.77 perches is situated at Vale. Really at a good location...

Land (agricultural) - 1653m² Price reduced 8

Land (agricultural) - 1653m²

SGR Real Estate Agency
La Laura, Center
Rs 1,995,000 as from Rs 10,955/month*

39 perches of agricultural land at La Laura - St Pierre. Very interesting and attractive land...

Land (agricultural) - 12958m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 12958m²

Vertitech Holding
Triolet, North
Rs 7,000,000 as from Rs 38,438/month*

The 3 arpents and 7 perches of (irrigation land) and is situated off the Bypass of Triolet, 40...

Land (agricultural) - 4221m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 4221m²

Habitat Immobilier
Quartier Militaire, Center
Rs 4,300,000 as from Rs 23,612/month*

This agricultural plot of land of 1 acre is situated at Quartier Militaire. Ideal for...

Land (agricultural) - 46302m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 46302m²

Mavis Properties
St Pierre, Center
Rs 50,000,000 as from Rs 274,556/month*

Land for sale of 11 arpents in Petit Verger Moka with panoramic mountain view.

Land (agricultural) - 18995m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 18995m²

Mavis Properties
Grand Sable, South
Rs 5,400,000 as from Rs 29,652/month*

Land for sale in Grand Sable of 4.5 arpents with sea view