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Land (agricultural) - 1653m² Price reduced 8

Land (agricultural) - 1653m²

SGR Real Estate Agency
La Laura, Center
Rs 2,300,000 as from Rs 10,457/month*

39 perches of agricultural land at La Laura - St Pierre. Very interesting and attractive land...

Land (agricultural) - 5360m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 5360m²

Feel Free Properties
Deux Bras, South
Rs 4,000,000 as from Rs 18,186/month*

For sale beautiful piece of agricultural land with more than 200 mature trees. An opportunity...

Land (agricultural) - 4240m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 4240m²

Immo Express
Petite Retraite, East
Rs 3,750,000 as from Rs 17,050/month*

Agricultural land of 1 arpent in Petite Retraite. In the vicinity of the Social Welfare...

Land (agricultural) - 4305m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 4305m²

Immo Express
Mare Longue, Center
Rs 3,500,000 as from Rs 15,913/month*

Agricultural plot of 4,305m2 (or 1.02 arpents) in Mare Longue in the vicinity of Jet Ranch....

Land (agricultural) - 158283m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 158283m²

Immo Express
La Nicolière, North
Price N/D

Huge agricultural plot of 158,283 square metres (or 37.5 arpents) found in a unique...

Land (agricultural) - 12891m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 12891m²

Immo Express
Bambous Virieux, South
Rs 6,200,000 as from Rs 28,189/month*

Agricultural plot of an extent of 12,891m2 (3,393 toises / 305 perches / 3.05 arpents) with a...

Land (agricultural) - 6350m² 6

Land (agricultural) - 6350m²

Immo Express
St Antoine, North
Rs 18,000,000 as from Rs 81,837/month*

Investment opportunity! Agricultural plot of 6,350 square metres / 1.50 arpents ideal for a...

Land (agricultural) - 27182m² New 12

Land (agricultural) - 27182m²

RPC Estate Agency
Quatre Soeurs, East
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 34,099/month*

Located on the heights of Quatre Soeurs,on the eastern coast of the island, some 300 m from...

Land (agricultural) - 7830m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 7830m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Rs 18,500,000 as from Rs 84,110/month*

Agricultural plot of land of an extent of 7,830.75 square metres (or 1.85 arpents / 185...

Land (agricultural) - 3531m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 3531m²

Immo Express
Grand Bay, North
Rs 9,250,000 as from Rs 42,055/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 3,531 m2 (or 929 toises / 83.7 perches) located in the middle of a...

Land (agricultural) - 12663m² 6

Land (agricultural) - 12663m²

Immo Express
Moka, Center
Rs 30,000,000 as from Rs 136,394/month*

Agricultural plot of an extent of 12,662 m2 (or 3 arpents) located at the foot of Le Pouce...

Land (agricultural) - 2079m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 2079m²

Immo Express
Les Mariannes, North
Rs 2,995,000 as from Rs 13,617/month*

Agricultural land of an extent of 2,079m2 / 547 toises / 49 perches with magnificent views in...

Land (agricultural) - 9428m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 9428m²

Immo Express
Black River, West
Rs 55,853,080 as from Rs 253,934/month*

Prime agricultural plot of an extent of 9,428m2 / 2.23 arpents strategically positioned on the...

Land (agricultural) - 7048m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 7048m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Rs 15,500,000 as from Rs 70,471/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 7,048 m2 (or 1.67 arpents) nicely located within 200 metres from...

Land (agricultural) - 11246m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 11246m²

Immo Express
Grand Bay, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 72,744/month*

Plot of land of an extent of 11,246 m2 (or 2.66 arpents) located some 750 metres off Chemin...