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Land (agricultural) - 6370m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 6370m²

Mavis Properties
Les Mariannes, North
Rs 7,000,000 as from Rs 38,438/month

Agricultural land for sale in Les Mariannes of 1.51 arpents and ideal for various projects or...

Land (agricultural) - 5053m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 5053m²

MB Immobilier
St Antoine, North
Rs 8,500,000 as from Rs 46,675/month

Large agricultural land of about 1 acre 20 (5053 m2) for sale in St Antoine with water and...

Land (agricultural) - 9033m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 9033m²

Asha Ventes Immobiliers
Beau Climat, South
Rs 6,600,000 as from Rs 36,242/month

Splendid land of 2 arpents 14 perches fenced, closed to motorway with nice fruit trees, ideal...

Land (agricultural) - 12665m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 12665m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 30,000,000 as from Rs 164,734/month

TO VISIT ABSOLUTELY !!! This agricultural plot of land of 3 acres is situated at La Salette in...

Land (agricultural) - 4240m² 7

Land (agricultural) - 4240m²

Immo Express
Petite Retraite, East
Rs 3,500,000 as from Rs 19,219/month

Agricultural land of 1 arpent in Petite Retraite. In the vicinity of the Social Welfare...

Land (agricultural) - 12891m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 12891m²

Immo Express
Bambous Virieux, South
Rs 6,100,000 as from Rs 33,496/month

Agricultural plot of an extent of 12,891 square metres (or 3,393 toises / 305 perches / 3.05...

Land (agricultural) - 2261m² 12

Land (agricultural) - 2261m²

RPC Estate Agency
Espérance, Center
Rs 1,400,000 as from Rs 7,688/month

Opportunity not to be missed, freehold property located at Esperance Quartier Militaire, flat...

Land (agricultural) - 5487m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 5487m²

Feel Free Properties
Malenga, Center
Rs 4,500,000 as from Rs 24,710/month

Agricultural plot of 1 Arpent 30 for sale at Rs 5,400,000. Water and electricity next to the...

Land (agricultural) - 2110m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 2110m²

Immo Express
Trianon, Center
Rs 8,000,000 as from Rs 43,929/month

Plot of land of an extent of 2,110 m2 (or 555 toises / 50 perches) located in the vicinity of...

Land (agricultural) - 6350m² 6

Land (agricultural) - 6350m²

Immo Express
St Antoine, North
Price N/D

Investment opportunity! Agricultural plot of 6,350 square metres / 1.50 arpents ideal for a...

Land (agricultural) - 7830m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 7830m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Price N/D

Agricultural plot of land of an extent of 7,830.75 square metres (or 1.85 arpents / 185...

Land (agricultural) - 10974m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 10974m²

Immo Express
Trianon, Center
Price N/D

Plot of land of an extent of 10,974 square metres (or 2.60 arpents) located in Trianon,...

Land (agricultural) - 46303m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 46303m²

Immo Express
St Pierre, Center
Price N/D

Agricultural plot of an extent of 46,303 square metres (or 10.97 arpents) for sale in St...

Land (agricultural) - 224540m² 1

Land (agricultural) - 224540m²

Immo Express
Melrose, Center
Price N/D

Huge parcel of agricultural land of an extent of 53.2 arpents for sale in Melrose, Quartier...

Land (agricultural) - 7386m² 3

Land (agricultural) - 7386m²

Immo Express
Calebasses, North
Rs 8,000,000 as from Rs 43,929/month

Orchard consisting of 100 litchi trees and 50 longan trees over an extent of 1.75 arpents and...