Choosing to build your home-sweet-home

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Why should you opt for the construction of a new house, over the purchase of a ready-made one? While it may involve some risks, building your cosy nest has many advantages. Here are some tips.

1. Your dream home, without restrictions

Construction entails the opportunity to shape up your dream house, accordingly to your lifestyle and budget. Indeed, you may decide which rooms to include, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and then make your mind on the overall layout. After drawing the first sketches, call on a contractor to bring them to life.

2. The guarantee to have a reliable home

When building your house, you can take the time to carefully choose trusted professionals and artisans: tilers, kitchen designers and carpenters. They will listen to your needs and personalise your home as per your desires. Moreover, your contractor will be responsible for the good management of the works from A to Z. The latter will be lawfully bound to deliver your land in due form as you will be covered from the execution time of the work, the delivery of the goods, or possible incidents that may occur thereafter, for several years.

3. Your home, greener and less expensive

You can choose to build a low-consumption, passive or bioclimatic house–with more thermal, sound and energy performance. Even if the initial investment will be more expensive, it will bring advantages such as reducing your bills in the long run, along with a positive impact on the environment! You may also choose optimal efficiency by using ecological materials such as recycled glass, or natural resources for ventilation, air conditioning, water and lighting. And why not opt ​​for recycling building materials?

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