Opting for recycled materials for my new house!

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Advocating an eco-friendly philosophy when building our home? A dream come true... Let us go through the options when it comes to recycled elements! We have all dreamed about a more ecological house,with alternative techniques of construction and refurbishing solutions which are respectful of nature. Here is an overview.

Wood please, and with a green philosophy!

Wood, an already much sought-after material, can become trendier when recycled. Ecology has a firm foothold in the creative world of architecture and DIYs. An example is the Manifesto house, situated in Curacavi in Chile. Covered with wooden boards from sustainable forests and modular recycled pallets, it takes its inspiration from the Infiniski concept - based on a bio climatic approach.

Metal is not just cold

The cold nature of metal earns a new legitimacy when it goes green. And thanks to recycling, it is also fashionable. A fave component of contemporary constructions? Steel containers which enable architects to give way to their art. One, two or more... Adding or removing them according to your whims and desires. They are a good opportunity to build a nice dwelling without harming nature.

Sand ans stones in our bags

A construction site can also be a haven for hidden treasures! The left-over materials, instead of being discarded, can become part and parcel of the « earthbags » philosophy: sand ans stone bags, piled up, held together with barb wire and coated. It is so easy to have an atypical eco-friendly house just with sand and stones.

As one of the local professionals, Marc Rey, Director of Cemtech, states it, “At Cemtech, we are always looking for innovative materials and products, which moreover help to bring major changes regarding the preservation of the environment. They also contribute to more ecological and sustainable buildings with time. For instance, our VinylPro range is manufactured under the ISO 14001 standards, an assurance that the environment is respected during the production process. It is made with 70% of recycled materials!”

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