Habitat Immobilier

Main Address : 4th Floor Ebene Heights, 34 Cybercity, Ebene

Real Estate Agency situated in Ebene specialised in selling and renting of real estates. + more

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Commercial Space - 250m² 4

Commercial Space - 250m²

Habitat Immobilier
Rivière des Anguilles, South
Rs 6,500,000 as from Rs 37,762/month*

Opportunity to seize !!! Unfurnished commercial space to renovate located on the 1st floor,...

Land (residential) - 2411m² 2

Land (residential) - 2411m²

Habitat Immobilier
Floréal, Center
Rs 15,000,000 as from Rs 82,367/month*

To visit absolutely !!! This beautiful land of 634 toises is located in a highly residential...

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 58m² 5

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 58m²

Habitat Immobilier
Ebène, Center
Rs 100,000

Furnished office space of 58 M2 situated on 11th Floor, close to all facilities in Ebène. The...

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 386m² 1

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 386m²

Habitat Immobilier
Ebène, Center
Rs 60,000,000 as from Rs 348,572/month*

Excellent opportunity of investment!!! 1 Office well situated in business center in Ebène....

Land (residential) - 540m² 3

Land (residential) - 540m²

Habitat Immobilier
Flic en Flac, West
Rs 3,763,000 as from Rs 20,664/month*

To visit absolutely !!! Plot of land of 142 toises with mountain view in the new morcellement...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 199m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 199m²

Habitat Immobilier
Les Mariannes, North
Rs 4,800,000 as from Rs 26,358/month*

An opportunity not to be missed!!! Beautiful furnished and equipped modern house of 199 M2 on a...

Land (agricultural) - 4220m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 4220m²

Habitat Immobilier
Baie du Cap, South
Rs 1,500,000 as from Rs 8,237/month*

TO VISIT ABSOLUTELY !!! Agricultural land situated at Baie du Cap in an agricultural compound....

Land (agricultural) - 12665m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 12665m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 30,000,000 as from Rs 164,734/month*

TO VISIT ABSOLUTELY !!! This agricultural plot of land of 3 acres is situated at La Salette in...

Land (agricultural) - 6599m² 5

Land (agricultural) - 6599m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 14,500,000 as from Rs 79,622/month*

This beautiful agricultural land of 1 acre 56 is situated in "chemin Vingt Pied', Grand-Bay....

House - 4 Bedrooms - 245m² 12

House - 4 Bedrooms - 245m²

Habitat Immobilier
Plaine Magnien, South
Rs 5,800,000 as from Rs 31,849/month*

Wonderful furnished and equipped house of 245 m2 on a plot of land of 144 toises situated in...

Land (agricultural) - 4009m² 4

Land (agricultural) - 4009m²

Habitat Immobilier
Grand Bay, North
Rs 13,000,000 as from Rs 71,385/month*

This agricultural land of 1055 toises on the main road is located at La Salette, Grand Bay with...

Land (residential) - 1053m² 5

Land (residential) - 1053m²

Habitat Immobilier
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 11,500,000 as from Rs 63,148/month*

Plot of land of 227 toises situated in "Vieux Quatre Bornes". Ideal for various projects. A...

House - 3 Bedrooms - N.S m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - N.S m²

Habitat Immobilier
Roches Noires, North
Rs 11,900,000 as from Rs 65,345/month*

Beautiful furnished and equipped single storey house on a plot of land of 232 toises situated...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 144m² 12

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 144m²

Habitat Immobilier
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 7,500,000 as from Rs 41,184/month*

This beautiful semi-furnished apartment of 144m2 is situated on the 2nd floor (with lift) near...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 400m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 400m²

Habitat Immobilier
Amitié, North
Rs 15,500,000 as from Rs 85,113/month*

Charming unfirnished single storey house of 400 m2 on a plot of land of 388 toises situated in...