Beau Plan Smart City: a prosperous town on the rise

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Launched on the 8th of May, the Beau Plan Smart City is the promise of a breath of fresh air in the North of Mauritius. Contiguous to the Pamplemousses garden, in a historical location, and situated only 10 minutes away from the gorgeous lagoons of the northern coast, an innovative town is arising… Beau Plan will offer a new lifestyle in this region, creating a privileged environment where living, working, having fun and learning will rhyme with creativity to encompass a delectable and practical ensemble.

An audacious vision for a sustainable development

Brought by the Terra group though its subsidiary, Novaterra, this town places art and culture at the center of its vision to offer a unique and dynamic lifestyle. According to the General Manager of the real estate division, Nicolas Eynaud, these are two fundamental elements to achieve sustainable development: «We intend to make of Beau Plan the creative pinnacle of the country where one revels in living, studying and working».

The creative roots of the projects are felt throughout its entire components: the development of a section dedicated to creativity with amenities such as the Creative Park, the Omada Dance Company studio or even the Patrick Mavros boutique; a contemporary architectural approach, and an original mix between industrial and natural heritage and modernity… This future Smart City is committed to providing the best daily life to the residents and workers of Beau Plan whilst remaining respectful of the environment and fulfilling its social responsibility.

Remnants worth saving

Beau Plan is riddled with history. Its creole architecture and cult places - such as l’Aventure du Sucre, the Pamplemousses botanical garden or the green-oriented escape of Old Powder Mill Natural Walk (60 acres) and the discovery of its endemic species - allowing locals to proudly celebrate a rich heritage.

Although this city aims to showcase a modern architecture with cutting-edge technology to promote an unmatched lifestyle, Novaterra makes a point of ensuring a development which will be in perfect harmony with its natural and cultural heritage, instead of one which would be detrimental to it.

Five pillars to a fulfilled life

In light of its concept « Live, Work, Play, Learn, Create », creativity, lifestyle and sustainable development are at the heart of Novaterra’s new philosophy.

• The Live component opens the gates to a residential neighbourhood targeted to everyone from young couples as well as families and retirees. A peaceful environment awaits them with a mix of apartments, duplex, villas and serviced plots at the heart of a preserved natural environment.

• The Work component, dedicated to the business world, will attract entrepreneurs, the business community at large as well as employees who wish to reinvent their professional universe thanks to components such as a Business Hotel, a future zone dedicated to the media industry, or the Office Park overseeing Beau Plan lake.

• The Play component will be the new meeting spot of the region for entertainment. Walks in the orchards or around the lake, shopping in the boutiques of its Lifestyle Village, bike rides on the cycling paths or horseback riding at the Mon Rocher stables… These are the echos of a « made in Beau Plan » lifestyle.

• The Learn component is an educative platform which comprises of the pre-primary, primary and, soon, Greencoast secondary school, as well as the African Leadership College (ALC). The goal? Nothing less than shaping tomorrow’s leaders!

• The Create component stems from an innovative concept designed to provide artists and young talents with a space where they can let their creativity run wild. Whether in the workshop, the dance studio or the creative park, amateurs of all forms of art will find their place there...

Beau Plan is definitely the Smart City which celebrates liveliness on a greater scale!


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