8 ways to customize a rental

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Just because you don’t own your house doesn’t mean you can’t customize it. There is a wide range of simple but effective amenities, allowing you to turn the house you are renting in a cosy nest without altering it. The important thing is to keep the premises in good condition, but nothing prevents you from giving a special touch to your house.

Painting the walls or putting down new flooring made a huge difference, as you’ll see above…

The floor

You are not satisfied with the colour of the floor? In this case, the quickest way to get new wood underfoot is to install a floating floor. Unlike traditional solid-wood strips, a floating floor isn’t nailed down. You can also consider click-together flooring, which you can take with you when you leave the house.

The walls

What above the walls? The latter plays an important role when personalizing the house. Contrary to preconceived ideas, there are a lot of removable wallpaper options. It’s the perfect solution for the premises.

Some tenants consider that painting interior walls is the easiest way to freshen up the place. In this case, use washable wall colours. Contact a professional painter in order to avoid any alteration to the property. Of course, you should obtain the owner’s consent, provided you repaint before you move out.


Sometimes, when you rent a property, you will discover that plumbing fixtures have not been changed for years. Fortunately, you can change them even if you have a small budget. You need to negotiate with the owner. A few small updates, like adding a little flair to the mirror, will make a drastic improvement to the bathroom.

Doors and door handles

Since, almost door handles are removable, just take off the ones you dislike and replace it with something more to your liking. Store the old door handles in the garage until you move out.

Concerning existing sliding doors, you may found that some are oppressive. It is simple to replace them. The tracks of the sliding doors being of standard size, they slide easily. Keep the old doors in the garage or ask the owner of the house to take them with you when you move out.

Lighting fixtures

You are not pleased with the ugly light shades and fixtures of the house? Fortunately, they are easy to replace. So, take a visit to a lighting superstore to find the models which suit you.

The curtains

Nothing is better than to transform the house with new curtains. If the window size is standard, you can buy ready-made curtains. Keep the old ones to replace them after you leave.

The Shelves

You want to install shelves, but you think that you do not have the right to hang items on the walls? You’re wrong. It is possible to fix shelves provided you fill the holes properly on your departure.

If you are not willing to damage the walls, opt for leaning shelves that touch part of the wall. You can also choose postal cards display, pin board or a frame with multiple inserts for photos.

Photographs and paintings

To customize further your home, hang pictures and other paintings. The use of adhesives hooks allow you to avoid drilling holes in the wall. You may also put large frames on the floor. This will give a bohemian spirit to your home!

As you can see, there are many changes that can be realized in a rental property. With a bit of patience and a little imagination, the house you are renting will be your very own home matching your ideas. It is essential to get the owner’s permission before making any changes in the house. You can also check the lease if the owner has given details about the possible developments.The key is to make it simple and inexpensive.

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