In what cases may I Report an Abuse ?

  1. In what cases may I Report an Abuse ?
  2. How to Report an Abuse?

This functionality enables you to report an inappropriate content which may be displayed in an advert. The message will be sent to the Website moderator for verification of the URL of the page referred to. Please note that your comment will remain anonymous and to ensure your confidentiality, your profile and contact details will not never be disclosed.

From the drop-down menu, you will have to select the reason why you wish to report an abuse:
1. Property not available
2. Fraudulent Listing
3. Incorrect Location
4. Incorrect Price
5. Incorrect / Misleading Photos
6. Inaccurate / Misleading Description
7. Incorrect Category
8. No reply from Advertiser
9. Other (Please insert your comment below)

You may also send us a more detailed message with additional information.