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We aim to make real estate dealing an enjoyable experience by accompanying you from start to finish.

Our dedicated team will help you find what you need with our extensive knowledge and network throughout the island.

We make sure that the right information is given to the notary on a timely basis and will be the liaison person until the deed is signed.

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To become the best real estate consultants in Mauritius. + more

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Land (residential) - 81525m² 1

Land (residential) - 81525m²

Immo Express
Arsenal, North
Price N/D

Residential portion of an extent of 81,525 m2 / 19 arpents in Arsenal. Ideal for morcellement...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 160m² 8

House - 3 Bedrooms - 160m²

Immo Express
Grand Bay, North
Rs 5,400,000 as from Rs 24,551/month*

Cozy 3-bedroom house ideally situated in Grand Bay. Located within 5 minutes to Super U and La...

Land (residential) - 21104m² 5

Land (residential) - 21104m²

Immo Express
St Félix, South
Price N/D

Superb beachfront plot of an extent of 21,104 m2 / 5 arpents in St Felix. Exquisite beach!...

Land (commercial) - 2122m² 5

Land (commercial) - 2122m²

Immo Express
Helvetia, Center
Rs 14,500,000 as from Rs 109,036/month*

Prime commercial plot of 2,122m2 / 558 toises / 50 perches located in Moka Smart City, more...

Land (residential) - 4042m² 1

Land (residential) - 4042m²

Immo Express
Roches Noires, North
Price N/D

Leasehold beachfront plot of an extent of 4,042 m2 / 1,064 toises / 96 perches in Roches...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 130m² 8

House - 3 Bedrooms - 130m²

Immo Express
Tombeau Bay, North
Rs 3,750,000 as from Rs 17,050/month*

Cozy and well maintained 3-bedroom house in Morcellement Beau Rivage. Quiet and peaceful...

Land (residential) - 25832m² 4

Land (residential) - 25832m²

Immo Express
Pointe aux Piments, North
Rs 91,600,000 as from Rs 416,456/month*

Residential plot of 25,832 m2 / 6.12 arpents in the vicinity of Domaine Mon Ile. Located...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 260m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 260m²

Immo Express
Balaclava, North
Rs 75,000

Single storey villa located in a developed section of Royal Park. In addition to the 3 bedrooms...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 145m² 5

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 145m²

Immo Express
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 6,700,000 as from Rs 30,462/month*

Unfurnished 3-bedroom apartment of 145m2 in Vieux Quatre Bornes.

Land (residential) - 824m² 4

Land (residential) - 824m²

Immo Express
Balaclava, North
Rs 4,300,000 as from Rs 19,550/month*

Nice plot of an extent of 824 m2 (or 217 toises / 19.5 perches) in the gated community of Royal...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 555m² 11

House - 4 Bedrooms - 555m²

Immo Express
Floréal, Center
Price N/D

Sumptuous 4-bedroom villa of 555m2 built on a plot of approximately 2,110m2 / 555 toises off...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 189m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 189m²

Immo Express
Péreybère, North
Rs 60,000

Modern 3-bedroom villa located in a gated community with easy access to the commercial centers...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 189m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 189m²

Immo Express
Grand Bay, North
Rs 13,000,000 as from Rs 59,104/month*

Modern 3-bedroom villa with private pool in a gated community with a nice return on...

Land (agricultural) - 3Acre(s) / Arpent(s) 6

Land (agricultural) - 3Acre(s) / Arpent(s)

Immo Express
Moka, Center
Rs 30,000,000 as from Rs 136,394/month*

Agricultural plot of an extent of 12,662 m2 (or 3 arpents) located at the foot of Le Pouce...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 338m² New 9

House - 4 Bedrooms - 338m²

Immo Express
Moka, Center
Rs 25,000,000 as from Rs 113,662/month*

High-end 4-bedroom luxury villa with private pool situated in a secured estate in Moka. In the...