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We aim to make real estate dealing an enjoyable experience by accompanying you from start to finish.

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Land (commercial) - 2110m² 2

Land (commercial) - 2110m²

Immo Express
Riche Terre, North
Rs 5,500,000 as from Rs 31,953/month

Industrial plot of land of an extent of 2,110 square metres (or 555 toises / 50 perches)...

Land (residential) - 51245m² 1

Land (residential) - 51245m²

Immo Express
Vieux Grand Port, South
Price N/D

Freehold seafront plot of land of an extent of 51,245 square metres (or 12.14 arpents) for sale...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 741m² 12

House - 3 Bedrooms - 741m²

Immo Express
Helvetia, Center
Price N/D

An estate home situated alongside a beautiful flowing river in Moka is looking for a new...

  • Swimming Pool
  • Other
Land (agricultural) - 7830m² 2

Land (agricultural) - 7830m²

Immo Express
Petit Camp, Center
Price N/D

Agricultural plot of land of an extent of 7,830.75 square metres (or 1.85 arpents / 185...

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 133m² 4

Apartment - 3 Bedrooms - 133m²

Immo Express
Pointe aux Canonniers, North
Rs 16,000,000 as from Rs 87,858/month

Accessible to foreigners! Superb 3-bedroom apartment in Pointe aux Canonniers. Located only a...

  • Swimming Pool
  • G+2
Land (residential) - 796m² 6

Land (residential) - 796m²

Immo Express
Floréal, Center
Price N/D

Plot of land of an extent of 796.58 square metres (or 210 toises / 18.9 perches) located in a...

House - 4 Bedrooms - 315m² 10

House - 4 Bedrooms - 315m²

Immo Express
Albion, West
Rs 8,900,000 as from Rs 48,871/month

Modern and well maintained 4-bedroom house with a quite astonishing view of the...

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 390m² 6

Offices & Commercial Spaces - 390m²

Immo Express
Quatre Bornes, Center
Price N/D

Office space of 390 square metres available for rent along St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes with...

House - 3 Bedrooms - 395m² 10

House - 3 Bedrooms - 395m²

Immo Express
Petit Raffray, North
Price N/D

A one of a kind luxurious five star villa with breath taking volume only for the connoisseur....

  • Swimming Pool
  • RES
Penthouse - 4 Bedrooms - 260m² 8

Penthouse - 4 Bedrooms - 260m²

Immo Express
Floréal, Center
Rs 9,950,000 as from Rs 54,637/month

Superb penthouse with stunning views for sale in a posh area of Floréal. This luxurious...

Building - 1400m² 5

Building - 1400m²

Immo Express
Quatre Bornes, Center
Rs 200,000

Great opportunity to operate from Quatre Bornes. Two main buildings consisting of 23 rooms...

Penthouse - 3 Bedrooms - 334m² 8

Penthouse - 3 Bedrooms - 334m²

Immo Express
Pointe aux Sables, West
Rs 11,900,000 as from Rs 65,345/month

The Sea n Tree residence situated in a unique spot of the Pointe, is where the ocean and nature...

  • Beachfront
  • Swimming Pool
Land (residential) - 592m² 4

Land (residential) - 592m²

Immo Express
Highlands, Center
Rs 4,056,000 as from Rs 22,272/month

Plot of land of an extent of 592 square metres (or 156 toises / 14 perches) for sale in the...

Land (residential) - 1426m² 3

Land (residential) - 1426m²

Immo Express
Montagne Ory, Center
Rs 9,200,000 as from Rs 50,519/month

Residential portion of 1,426.65 square metres / 375.5 toises / 33.8 perches in Montagne...

Land (residential) - 663m² 5

Land (residential) - 663m²

Immo Express
Péreybère, North
Rs 4,750,000 as from Rs 26,083/month

Residential plot of 663.92 square metres / 175 toises / 15.7 perches in the vicinity of the...