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Landlord and Tenant : Obligations of both parties

Even before you start searching for a property to rent, it is very important to understand the legal aspects of being a tenant. When you become a tenant, you take on certain responsibilities in exchange for certain rights. Your tenancy (...)

The Guarantee Deposit

For some rentals in Mauritius, a guarantee deposit may be asked to the tenant at the beginning, so that to guarantee to the owner that he will carry out his obligations as a tenant. This is sometimes referred to as the security. The deposit (...)

Let With Pets

Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and though most of the time pets are part of the family, not every landlord is keen to let their property with pets. Landlords often have concerns about renting their properties to pet owners. To help you be (...)

Rent a property in Mauritius: Rental Receipts

One very important aspect regarding renting a property in Mauritius remains the issuing of rental receipts. This is defined as a statement certifying that the tenant has settled his rental charges to the landlord. Very popular in France, a (...)