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The concept of IRS

It is important to point out that the concept of Integrated Resort Scheme is in no case specific to Mauritius. Launched for the first time in Dubai, Integrated Resorts became more and more popular around the world particularly in Spain, (...)

Prices of IRS in Mauritius

According to the law governing the sale of IRS in Mauritius, the minimum selling price of an IRS unit is 500 000 USD (370 000 euros). Registration duty payable by purchaser is fixed at 70 000 USD (approximately 52 000 euros) or 5% of the value (...)

Our tips to purchase IRS

Purchase advice for an IRS Privilege renowned IRS promoters having an excellent projects portfolio and a good background regarding high class real-estate projects Carry your property searches on reliable real-estate portals which propose IRS (...)

Launching soon - Bay View Villas situated in Tamarin

Bay View Villas will comprise of 6 villas, each with beautiful sea views and resort-type landscaping. The developers aim is to develop a low maintenance property for the home-owners where the levies and maintenance costs will be kept as low as (...)

Element Bay Beach (Grand-Bay): Phase 2 apartments now on sale

The promoters of the project want to offer the same quality and architectural style as phase 1. Element Bay Beach is conveniently located 3km outside the lively village of Grand Bay. Relative to the phase 1 of the project, the developers aim to (...)