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Since 2018, Beau Plan Smart City is designing a modern and creative living environment at the gateway of the North, where residential areas and contemporary offices, along with shops, everyday amenities and leisure spaces for all tastes, harmoniously coexist.

A charming small-sized city with a pleasant living environment, whereby everything is within a walking distance.


Designed to fulfill all the requirements of everyday life, Beau Plan is a small city that blends work, leisure and the day-to day, with its development planned for over 15 years.

Discover the Smart City of Beau Plan

Families hoping to settle in a peaceful area, investors looking for a good rental return, couples looking for a dynamic living environment... Beau Plan’s residential offer spreads across the city and is designed to meet the expectations of all profiles.

Its qualitative environment and natural harmony, attests to the excellent appreciation of its land. Its neat and natural setting, its wide streets and its vibrant atmosphere make Beau Plan a delightful city where daily life unfolds pleasantly.

Work in Beau Plan is a whole new work philosophy, that is slowly taking shape. Aiming to go beyond the traditional working experience, work in beau plan revolves around making your daily activities highly accessible… so that you can easily combine your professional life with your personal needs and hobbies.

The Strand: exclusive lakeview offices

A dynamic lifestyle by day, a laid-back one in the evening… This could be the anthem of The Strand! Located opposite the lake of Beau Plan, with direct access to the shops and restaurants of the Mahogany Shopping Promenade and the tree-lined streets of the city, this brand-new contemporary office space is scheduled for delivery in January 2023. Equipped with a “boutique gym”, an art gallery, a health bar and rest areas, this bright work environment promises to transform the daily life of its future workers!

The Business District

As the first business hub in the north of the island, the business district, located at the entrance to Beau Plan, is perfect for companies wishing to establish themselves in the region while remaining close to other business centres on the island. Buildings, showrooms or workshops… With its services plots, the Business District is the perfect spot to get started on your new venture.

The Business Park

With its cafeteria, its gleaming stretch of water and its green areas, the Business Park of Beau Plan is a human-sized hub where working feels blissful. Available for rent, its office spaces are a competitive option for small and medium-sized businesses looking for an inspiring and charming work environment.

From day-care to university, Beau Plan offers a nice range of options to fulfill the educational needs of those residing in the region.

Ti'Marmailles welcomes toddlers throughout the week with fun-packed activities that make leaning enjoyable and encourage childhood development.

Through its pre-primary, primary and upcoming secondary school offer (in preparation), Greencoast International School directs its educational program around creativity, playful learning and environmental awareness to best prepare young people for the world of tomorrow.

The African Leadership College is an innovative educational approach, preparing students to become future African leaders. Based on creativity, project management and case studies, the university's teaching programs sets you up for life in the business world. With its own residential campus, it currently has students of 35 nationalities!

Having a good quality of life also means benefiting from a whole range of leisure activities in the immediate vicinity.

Bordering the lake of Beau Plan, this is what the Lakeside District offers! The region’s new trendy address is the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, with 200,000 monthly visitors and its boutiques, practical businesses (bank, pharmacy, etc.) and restaurants.

Beau Plan is home to other leisure activities as well: the Mon Rocher stables are a delight for the little ones; the Aventure du Sucre ecomuseum is the place to discover the history of the sugar cane industry in our country, and the Creative Park offers a wide variety of workshops to let one’s creative passions run wild.

Beau Plan pulsates to the rhythm of arts and culture! In its historic heart, the Creative Park is a co-creation platform that actively contributes to the growth of the cultural and creative industries. Talented artists and craftsmen are brought together in a friendly and contemporary atmosphere.

On the menu: festive and culinary events, artist residencies, music, crafts, dance… and so much more. Amateur and experienced artists, epicureans, culture lovers and families looking for fun and educational activities will be happy to meet up there.

Its partners: L'Atelier des Artisans, Octopus, Patrick Mavros, the Studio Dance, the Workshop, African Trader, In Other Words…to cite a few

The region of Beau Plan is hoisted by its natural, historical and cultural heritage which gives it soul and character.

In 1770, Pierre Poivre imagined and designed the first botanical garden in the southern hemisphere, in Pamplemousses. Even today, when seen from the sky, the region showcases an intertwining of charming villages surrounded by vestiges of the country's history. Its beauty attracts more than 400,000 visitors every year.

A gentle lifestyle emanates from Pamplemousses, one of the oldest villages on the island. The district was chosen by the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais to establish his residence at the time, and by the writer Bernardin de Saint-Pierre to bury the eponymous heroes of his famous novel Paul et Virginie.

Aside from the endemic and tropical flora of the Pamplemousses Garden, the colourful orchards of Beau Plan, whereby you can pick litchis in the shade of flamboyant trees and jacaranda trees, shall bring you a sense of peace in the summer.

“Beau Plan, a functional and enjoyable business destination."

“Beau Plan, a functional and enjoyable business destination."

Located on the banks of the lake of Beau Plan, a modern business environment with an innovative working experience awaits... Shadil Golam Hossen, Sales & Leasing Executive at Novaterra tells us more about The Strand (...)

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Les Muguets, your new address for a flourishing life!

Les Muguets, your new address for a flourishing life!

On the lookout for a pleasant environment where you can see your family grow and thrive? Look no further: Les Muguets, in the heart of Beau Plan, is set to fulfil your desires.
Along with its strategic location, the (...)

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The Strand: a new work experience

The Strand: a new work experience

[Magazine Article LexpressProperty 68 (April - May)]
“Just a few steps away from the Mahogany Shopping Promenade, facing the lake in the heart of Beau Plan, The Strand’s exclusive offices offer an innovative place to (...)

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Beau Plan Business Park

Promoter of the Smart City of Beau Plan, Novaterra has many residential and commercial projects in the northern region of the island. Its multidisciplinary team is committed to developing...

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