UBP concretely purchases Premix!

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To strengthen its position as a major stakeholder in the construction industry, UBP (The United Basalt Products Ltd) has purchased Premix Concrete Ltd, in which it held minority shares until October 2021.

Premix Concrete Ltd specialises in ready-mixed concrete, decorative concrete, and value-added concrete. Since the end of January, thanks to this acquisition, UBP has become the key player in the manufacture and sale of construction materials in Mauritius.

Building for tomorrow

“Concrete constitutes more than 50% in the construction of a house. The full integration of Premix into UBP will enable us to offer a wider range of services and products to our customers. With concrete in our portfolio, our ambition is more than ever to be the partner of choice in the construction of a project, in line with our slogan "Building for tomorrow". This new brand reinforces UBP’s position as a partner of choice in the construction sector along with its other entities like Drymix, Espace Maison and Gros Cailloux”, says Jean-Marc Selvon, Group Sales Manager of UBP.

The value-added concrete offered by Premix allows for a significant increase in turnaround time and therefore productivity with rapid setting (24 hours), fast-draining concrete pavement that diverts rainwater from paved surfaces, sewage systems and retention basins, or concrete that spreads itself or sets under water.

“Premix offers a highly innovative range of products and is a welcome addition to UBP’s offering. Our customers now have everything they need in terms of building products and materials. Our products are also technologically advanced, sustainable, and easy to use,” says Vikram Gunnoo, General Manager of Premix.