Transinvest’s commitment to sustainable construction stays strong

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Building better with less CO2 & $. This is the philosophy that Transinvest Construction Limited has embraced in pursuit of its goal of sustainable construction.

In this context, the construction company sponsored the second edition of the interactive conference on "Building better with less CO2 & $" organised by the Institute of Engineers and the University of Mauritius.

The event, designed to highlight solutions for more sustainable and less expensive construction in Mauritius, took place on the 5th of September at the Réduit university campus.

Just as at the first conference, speakers discussed the country’s commitments to reducing carbon emissions and presented a series of technical solutions for achieving these ambitious targets by 2023. The techniques and strategies presented also make it possible to significantly optimise road infrastructure construction and maintenance costs.

Transinvest Construction Limited’s first conference in June 2022 was also a great success.