Transinvest Construction Limited reforests 14 sites at Black River!

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Because Mother Nature deserves our full attention and respect, Transinvest Construction Limited, in collaboration with the Black River District Council, has embarked on a laudable project to beautify and reforest the west coast of the island.

During the months of October and November 2021, 550 trees were planted at 14 sites in the western part of the island. Around one hundred employees of the company took part in this ecological initiative, which is fully in line with Transinvest’s strategy of sustainable and inclusive development.

Humble contribution

The company has set itself the mission of reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. It intends to actively promote more virtuous and environmentally friendly activities.

“At Transinvest, the health of the population and respect for the environment are at the core of our priorities. As a builder, we have a responsibility towards society and the planet, and planting these trees aims not only to preserve the environment but also human health, as they play a major role in the earth’s ecosystem and are therefore essential to our lives," said Fred Zama, Operations Manager of Transinvest.

Sorting waste

As a responsible company, Transinvest spares no efforts to contribute to the protection of the environment. Among its flagship actions is the introduction of a bitumen melter in Saint-Julien for the reuse of excess bitumen from road construction, as well as the installation of waste sorting containers on its premises and on its sites across the country in accordance with international environmental standards.

Such far-reaching initiatives set the tone for a global commitment to making the planet’s future more liveable.