Open House: Visit your future house with BARNES Mauritius

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Fully inspired by US real estate marketing practices, ‘Open House’ is an open day during which you are invited to visit a property on sale.

Instead of the usual 30-minute visit, BARNES Mauritius invites you to discover your likely future house for several days at your own pace and with total quietude.

With its original and friendly approach, ‘Open House’ constitutes an efficient means for the real estate agency to broaden its prospective buyers’ portfolio while at the same time allowing those interested to project themselves and to get better familiarised with the on-sale property environment.

Following two successful Open House events, BARNES, operating in partnership with La Redoute by HPA for interior decoration and furnishing, is determined to make this novel marketing practice a regular feature. Throughout the events, BARNES obviously adheres to the sanitary regulations and provides face masks and hand sanitiser for your safety.