LafargeHolcim Indian Ocean renamed Cementis Indian Ocean

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The Mauritian branch of Lafarge, and LafargeHolcim operating in Réunion, Madagascar, Comoros and Mayotte, are getting a makeover.

This buyout agreement by Taylor Smith Investment, through Cementis Investment and Cementis Océan Indien, follows the decision of the international cement expert to withdraw from the Indian Ocean region.

This new identity is unveiled with a new CEO, with more than 20 years of expertise in the cement industry, in the person of Chris Harker. At his side, Heba Capdevila, head of operations as Managing Director of Cementis (Mauritius) and COO of the Cementis group.

“The future of Cementis depends on the exceptional talents present in our region, and the possibility of supporting them in their development while promoting innovation and creativity. Our promise as a responsible cement supplier is to continue to support the construction of our towns and villages, and the protection of our islands, while minimizing our ecological footprint at every stage of our development, ” says Chris Harker, CEO of Cementis Océan Indien.

Despite this change of colors, the mission of the Cementis group remains the same: to maintain the quality of operations, services, solutions and products. In addition, the subsidiary ensures a smooth transition and the continuity of its operations under the best conditions for both its customers and its employees.

In terms of product, Cementis guarantees its customers, from the smallest craftsmen to the largest construction companies, the continuity of brands: Baobab in Mauritius, Volcan & Kosto in Reunion, Lova, Orimbato and Manda in Madagascar, Hodari in the Comoros and in Mayotte.

The Cementis group is also announcing the implementation of new investments and projects to consolidate the leadership position of subsidiaries in the region. In addition, the acquisition of Lafarge Seychelles is underway and should materialize in the coming months.

Focusing its takeover strategy on innovation and excellence, Cementis is planning to build a company that promotes sustainable, inclusive development and respect for the environment.