Bank One pledges to protect our natural heritage!

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Earlier this year, on World Environment Day, Bank One teamed up with La Vallée de Ferney to launch its Eco Home Loan. The scheme not only offers an attractive interest rate but also helps contribute towards the preservation of the local endemic forests.

This initiative is in line with this year’s theme of World Environment Day as well as the United Nations Decade for the Rehabilitation of Ecosystems. Hence, until the 31st of December 2021 Bank One, is offering credit facilities for the construction or purchase of a property with interest rates as from 2.90% per annum. Customers will also benefit from a discount on the processing charges and no membership charges on credit cards.

“As a sustainable and eco-responsible enterprise, we hold this campaign at heart. It will allow us to invite our clients to participate in a cause so dear to us which is the protection of the environment. Furthermore, planting a tree is all the more symbolic as the construction of a house is often a lifetime project”, says Bank One Head of Products & Partnerships Ms Pritee Ombika-Aukhojee.

She further stated that each endemic tree will be planted in the name of the person contracting the housing loan who will be able to see it growing at La Vallée de Ferney. “Through this project, we also want to sensitise our clients about the diverse and rich flora and fauna so unique to Mauritius.”