A future-oriented investment designed by ENL Property

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[Magazine article LexpressProperty 73 (February - March)

At the heart of Moka’s smart city, a residential project is emerging in a multi-use neighbourhood. The project is known as Les Promenades de L’Avenir. The developer, ENL Property, has initiated the marketing of the second block of the complex, pursuing a thoughtful, responsible and sustainable development.

Investing in L’Avenir has numerous advantages, based on a comparison of data from the Land Registry of the Registrar General’s Department conducted by ENL Property, Les Promenades de L’Avenir has an asking price of Rs 75,000/m2, which is 16% less expensive than similar projects (Smart City Scheme, Ground+2 and local market) in Tamarin and Black River (Rs 89,000/m2 ), 13% less expensive than Grand Bay (Rs 86,000/m2 ) and 10% less expensive than Trianon-Sodnac (Rs 83,000/m2 ).

“These numbers prove the willingness of ENL Property to increase the accessibility of residential offers in the smart city of Moka to Mauritians. Residential properties in Moka have seen an attractive return on investment over the past 12 years, with an increase in value of 12% per annum and an average rental yield of 5.1%,” says Olivier Doger de Spéville, Senior Manager - Property Development at ENL Property.