Villa Vie: The clients’ loyalty is their greatest achievement!

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Villa Vie, an agency with a human dimension, can do everything! Apart from being specialized in holiday rental, this company has become a major part of real estate in Mauritius. In this industry, Villa Vie has a bright future: 2015 being a successful year and the agency now having a street-side gable.

A brand new office for Villa Vie

In fact, Villa Vie, managed since 1982 by the expert hands of Françoise Maujean- the holiday rental pioneer- who opened her office in the ex Presqu’ile shop near the Pereybère Winners. A large parking welcomes the visitors. At the reception desk, the caption “Votre rêve commence ici” (your dream starts here) promise the company’s motto to the clients! Villa Vie accompanies them throughout their project, with an authentic simplicity and a true generosity recognized among their regular clients.

Villa Vie’s Values

The five employees dedicate their experience, their efficiency and their knowledge to the different tasks assigned to them. The company’s founder is supported by her daughter Sophie Hardy. The agency enjoys an excellent reputation outside the Mauritian borders. The website, proposing dream properties through a simple click, has done much in this way!

For Françoise Maujean and her team, the priority is to put the client in the centre of her researches and he reflexion, understanding their needs in the light of their budgets and to find the ideal property. It is not the quantity that prevails, but the quality! Furthermore, the changed office location does not affect the authenticity aspect of Villa Vie. This authenticity establishes a friendly and even familial relationship between Françoise Maujean, her team and her clients.

Villa Vie is founded on several values, the main one being the clients’ personalized welcome. They are cared after as from their arrival at the airport till their arrival at their villa. Typical Mauritian cuisine, explication brochure, quality staff and trip propositions, among others, are part of the Villa Vie services. This conviviality initiates a reciprocal trust climate among the agency and the clients. Some of them demonstrate an ironclad fidelity as they return to the same delightful villa every year. Their relationship with Villa Vie is a durable affective history.

Bright perspective for 2016

The acquired trust and expertise in terms of rental logically brought Villa Vie to take care of long term rental, of the sales and the purchase of properties or fields. Throughout the previous years Françoise Maujean developed a skill and a professionalism which bring to the clients a reassuring treatment on the negotiations and their real estate properties’ transactions. In this perspective, Villa Vie exceeded its original vocation and took an unprecedented scale.

2016 looks highly promising for the agency!

villavie-logoVilla Vie
Route Royale, Péreybère, Ile Maurice
Tel/Fax : (230) 263 8778 | Tel : (230) 263 5683
Mob : (230) 52 51 40 88

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