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Upon investing at Anahita, prospective homeowners can rely on a team of professionals led by one motto: Customer Satisfaction. Right from the start of the project, the estate seized a leading position on the market and to this day, remains a proven recipe for luxury and quality.

Launched in 2008, Anahita Mauritius is one of the pioneering IRS residential projects on the island and has maintained a prestigious reputation over the past decade. The estate was among the first ones to develop this one-stop destination offering a unique lifestyle with premium infrastructures (including a hotel, a golf course and exclusive residential properties)... To this day, Anahita offers a contemporary residential striving to align with the demand while maintaining its level of excellence.

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Commitment to quality constructions

Stéphanie Domaingue, Property Executive of Anahita, outlines the method behind this successful approach. She states “from the very start, we aimed to achieve a top of range positioning and sought to maintain and strengthen that status," The secret? First and foremost, being recognised for quality construction. Consistency, expertise and long-term vision are therefore essential at every stage:

  • Design — a desire to partner with the best players in each respective field, from architects, interior designers to landscape designer
  • Implementation and construction — Project managers are fully dedicated to the quality control of each construction project, as well as the best locally based technical teams to execute the project from start to end.
  • Delivery — An important phase dedicated to finishes and final touches which are supervised by the project manager to ensure thatthe delivered product meets the client’s expectations.
  • Follow-up — Important step so as to guarantee utmost satisfaction of the new owner.
  • A meticulous process and teams driven by a common goal: excellence... A method contributing to Anahita’s prestige as an investment and lifestyle destination.

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