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Riveredge Gardens a privileged environment for future residents

Let us speak about residential development which has gained much popularity in Mauritius. This type of property is mainly preferred by the new generation and many people have even agreed on this point. Since young Mauritians have better opportunity to travel than their elders, they are aware that urban planning is better planned abroad… Fade up with the mess in urban development, they express their needs to live differently; their model being the patterns observed abroad. That’s why a house located in a residential development corresponds to their needs; residential clusters being better structured, are relatively safe in terms of property investment.

The supply and demand of residential development experience a boom in Mauritius

According to the statistics provided by the Ministry of Housing and Lands, 552 applications for residential development were received in one year, between December 2014 and December 2015. In addition, 89 letters of intent were issued and 46 permits were distributed., through its local expertise of the market development of real estate, confirms this trend between 2012 and 2015. That’s why the real estate offers have increased by 52% on this website. An exponential increase for residential clusters has been noted on this same real estate portal: that is +148% of research conducted on this type of property.

Yves Menagé is the Sales Manager of Sagiterra. This is one of the leading companies of real estate development in Mauritius which has developed 40 to 50 residential clusters. Yves Menagé indicates that the land area depends on the buyer’s demand and the region; a wealthy client will seek for a broader plot of land. The price fluctuates according to the regions where the lands are located on the island. The middle class is the most targeted audience to purchase such property.

Quality management and infrastructural maintenance

The concept of developing public areas began to emerge in the collective mind in Mauritius. Consumer trends and mind sets have changed. Mauritians are more likely to worry about their welfare and that of their neighbors. Mariline Bazire, Marketing Director at Parkside Properties Ltd. explains that it about educating the population about this development. According to her, it is important that Mauritians learn to live together. It’s now the time to change the behavior of the inhabitants, but also to encourage them to shoulder their responsibility.

We are moving in the right direction: if some people remain reluctant to pay a trustee for the maintenance of common areas, more and more Mauritians gladly accept the specifications imposed by the promoters of residential clusters, ending living in harmony, and the charges they support. However, it is highly recommended to inquire about the promoter as well as on various aspects of the project to avoid surprises or unexpected charges.

Two types of residential clusters

The reason behind this type of property: propose sustainable infrastructure to its inhabitants, such as well-arranged lands to receive water and electricity distribution networks, sewage treatment, paved roads and pedestrian access. Several elements, particularly familiar places, as schools and police stations, amongst others, must be indicated on the location Plan. The applicant must write a letter and send it to the concerned authorities for the completion of infrastructure work and request for an inspection. Conditions and restrictions are available on the website of the Ministry of Housing and Lands..

There are two categories of residential clusters: those whose access is controlled (gated communities) and others which are not fenced.

The Serenity project

Public residential clusters

No fences surround this kind of residential complex. Generally, there are no precise specifications however, it must meet with the standards of the District Council, such as River edge Gardens, Trianon. This complex of 14 plots of land, ranging from 145 to 538 yards, is not surrounded by fence. Nevertheless, there is a beautiful door in front of the complex. This distinctive sign symbolizes the entry of this haven of tranquility!

Anna Nabeebacus Sales & Marketing (Residential) Manager of Jade Properties, explained that, in some cases, it happens that house-owners come together with the aim of having a secure company or a trustee for infrastructural maintenance: it ensures the safety and cleanliness of the complex equitably sharing the costs. The purpose of these associations is to improve the quality of neighborhood life: what a pleasure to see children growing up in a nice and secured environment and know that we can count on our neighbors in any types of situations!

We had the opportunity to talk with an inhabitant in a high-class and non-fenced residential cluster situated in Black River, regions where there are the most residential clusters in Mauritius. She explained that the trustee organizes an annual party to promote and favor meetings among residents; however, she deplores the lack of some inhabitants due to lack of time and interest. Nevertheless, the residents are happy to live in a residential cluster, particularly because the place is secured and the environment is joyful, just like in developed countries.

Private residential cluster or “gated communities”

Buying land in an enclosed residential cluster is the key to afford the luxury of enjoying great privacy. Above all, this residential cluster offers high security: guardian service 24h/24 and 7d/7 are proposed with this type of complex like the Résidence at La Croisette. This residential cluster, located in Albion, has been developed by Jade Properties in 2007. Besides its proximity to the beach and shops, La Croisette offers a better quality of life to its residents.

Strict specifications are attached to gated communities. The aim is to ensure a harmonious and homogeneous living space to its residents. Splendid View, also developed by Jade Properties from 2000 to 2015, is an example of the gated communities. The introductory price was Rs 4,000 to Rs 12,000 per yard. The asset of splendid view lies obviously in its proximity to the beach of Albion.

Security is not the only key asset of gated communities. This residential complex, closed to general public, has many other advantages like maintenance (lighting and waste, among others) and the ongoing process of outdoor facilities. Maintenance and cleanliness of the complex, including the common areas, orderliness and road upkeep are guaranteed because a trustee manages the complex. It is beneficial for the environment as well as for the peace of mind of residents!

Public or private, residential clusters provide the opportunity to aspire to a better quality of life, but also to make the choice of an excellent investment accompanying standardization of housing, concept that is spreading across the island. According to your search criteria, all you need to do is choose the perfect solution!

The role of the Ministry of Housing and Lands:
In Mauritius, the Residential Cluster Unit of the Ministry of Housing and Lands Division handles requests for a parcel of land into two or more plots. Excision of a single parcel of land is approved by local authorities, provided that the lot excised or the remaining land is still clustered in 12 months. Otherwise, a subdivision permit is required. Permits are delivered on the recommendations of the Residential Clusters composed of various institutions, including ministries of Public Infrastructure and Transport, Health, Finance and Economic Development, the CEB and the CWA and others.

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