Real Estate Mauritius: the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

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real-estate-schemeThe Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) is a Mauritian real estate scheme implemented to attract high-net-worth foreign investors to the island to invest in luxury villas in Mauritius. IRS regime has been designed for high-end residential units on freehold land of more than 10 hectares. IRS units should have a sale price of at least 500 000 dollars (371 000 euros) The buyer of an IRS unit is automatically granted a permanent resident permit. This measure is also applicable to his spouse and dependents. Thanks to this visa, an IRS owner is exempted from paying inheritance tax. In case of resale of his property,there no capital gain tax. He just have to pay a fixed rate of 50 000 dollars (35 000 euros).
Who is eligible to buy an IRS property in Mauritius?

• An investor (including his/her spouse and dependents)
• A foreign company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001
• A Mauritian citizen A company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001
• A society of persons of which the act of constitution will have been deposited with "Registrar of Companies"
• A "trust" whose trustee is duly authorized by Financial Services commission

Here is a list of some IRS projects in Mauritius :

Anahita Mauritius
La Balise Marina
Le Parc de Mont Choisy
Tamarina Golf Estate
Villa Valriche

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