Rawson Property Group: The South African real estate expert settles in Mauritius

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With a proven know-how of more than 40 years, Rawson Property Group has helped thousands of families to buy and sell their properties, be it in South Africa or beyond.

To complement its 220 existing franchises in South Africa, supported by more than 1,300 specialised agents, the real estate agency has decided to settle in Mauritius.

An exclusive one-stop-shop

Freshly launched at the beginning of February, this new agency, located in Ruisseau Créole, offers quality services when it comes to the sale and rental of properties, along with bond origination.

Highly responsive, Rawson Property Group Mauritius benefits from many assets to serve its customers in the best way possible… Its edge: an online presence; technological support that many Mauritian agencies have not adopted yet, and even training from the parent company in South Africa. With its impeccable service in place, the agency follows norms in accordance with international quality standards.

"We aspire to become a benchmark in the Mauritius market, as well as internationally... Not only as a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs but also as an essential digital real estate platform in Mauritius, with massive technological investments. Property entrusted to Rawson will be visible on all online platforms and social networks, in Mauritius as well as in South Africa. Our objective: to offer our clients the best possible service, reaching as many potential clients as possible, while maintaining our brand image", indicates Isabelle Hardy, Branch Manager of Rawson Property Group Mauritius.

Passionate, the Rawson team is committed to helping you start a new chapter in your life, whether you are a young couple looking for your first home, or a retiree looking for a magical place to enjoy your old days. All while listening to your needs and requirements.
The agency is positioned as an expert in the region. Indeed, as a long-standing resident of Tamarin, the Branch Manager has acquired increased experience as a real estate agent on several international brands based in the West.

“We are more than real estate agents: our mission is to find the perfect property that meets our clients’ expectations. If we don’t have the ideal product in our database, we will go hunting for what our customers are looking for”, she underlines.

A real estate agency close to you

Faithful to the fundamental values ​​of the Rawson Property Group Mauritius wants to be close to its customers and partners. Isabelle Hardy highlights:

“Beyond the property, the beautiful images or the marketing behind it, it is above all the people behind the service provided that counts…”

For an efficient buying or selling process, the customer has agents attentive to his project who will give him a realistic return on his expectations and his budget. An informed opinion allowing them to avoid months of fruitless searches due to an overly optimistic positioning. With Rawson Property Group Mauritius, the client also benefits from access to a network of professionals, contacts, exclusive service providers... Enough to facilitate your process effectively!

“More than agents… Partners!”

This expert real estate agency also gives Mauritian developers the opportunity to better position themselves on the booming South African market. "For property developers, we are not just agents, but partners... And we want to help them sell their project successfully", explains the Branch Manager. "Thanks to our parent company, as well as solid Mauritian partners, we offer these developers a dedicated marketing plan and sound advice, so that they can maximise their chances of selling their products on the international market".

As for the owners of rental properties, they can also turn to Rawson Property Group Mauritius which aims to be a real portal, open to a clientele of expatriates seeking to settle in Mauritius, in search of apartments. or villas for rent.

Whether you are an owner or a property developer, Rawson Property Group can help you define your sales or rental strategy... And if you are looking for a house, head to Rivière-Noire and start your life project with Rawson Property Group Mauritius!

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