Projects under the Smart City Scheme

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Medine Smart City

Medine’s ambition is to develop a smart city project in the west coast of Mauritius with a balance among residential, industrial, commercial, medical and recreational developments. The project will comprise of an educational village inclusive of universities, private schools and student accommodation, residential estates, a business park, a regional hospital, sports complex, shopping mall, the festival plaza for cultural events and bus terminal at Flic en Flac over land of an extent of 773 Arpents.

Moka City

With a track record in local developments and resort developments for foreigners, ENL Ltd intends to transform Moka into a polycentric city model. Phase 1 of the project will be a mixed-use development comprising 2,287 residential units, commercial and offices spaces, a civic centre, education and student accommodation, sports facilities, health and medical services, a business incubator and a bus terminus over freehold land of an extent of 456A at Moka.

Mon Trésor Smart City

Situated in the vicinity of the airport, the Mon Trésor Smart City project by the Omnicane Group will be a sustainable and vibrant city comprising a business gateway, offices, logistics/light industrial park, freeport zone, 600 residential lots, 300 villas/duplexes, 100 apartments, commercial centre, leisure complex, SME’s incubator, film studio, civic centre, an education and art hub on freehold land of an extent of 184.1018Ha at Mon Trésor and La Cambuse. The smart city project is underway with the first phase due to complete in 2022.

Trade Park Mon Tresor Ltd has also declared an area of 24.1620ha out of the Smart City project as freeport zone.

Beau Plan Smart City

Terragri Ltd’s Smart City project extends on a freehold land of an extent of 540 Arpents at Beau Plan. The proposed smart city project comprises residential units, mixed use development, creative park and university campus development. Existing developments such as the Aventure du Sucre, Beau Plan Business Park, restaurant, leisure facilities amongst others have been included in the smart city. Terragri Ltd through its subsidiary African Leadership University has already started construction works including University Campus over 4.9ha.

Cap Tamarin

Located at the entrance of Tamarin village, Cap Tamarin is a mixed-use development in the west of Mauritius by Trimetys Ltd. The Cap Tamarin Smart City Project will have an education zone, office spaces, a boutique hotel, residential units, a civic centre and public amenities including jogging and cycle tracks. The project will cover land of an extent of 105 arpents. Phase 1 of the project will be developed over a two-year period and construction is expected to start in April 2017.

Mauritius Jinfei

Phase 1 of the project extends over an extent of 49.4 Arpents and has started with the development of the hospitality component in October 2016. Garden of Square Eden will be a unique development in the landscape of Mauritus based on chinese architecture and will comprise a wedding and entertainment venue with shopping and entertainment facilities.

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