Moka Smart City looking forward to the LEED-ND certification

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With a thrust to set new standards in sharp ecological incentives in Mauritius, the developer of Moka Smart City aims at securing the LEED Neighborhood Development certification, an international label. LEED is an acronym for ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ and the certification is American. Thus a new philosophy in the field of enduring development is targetted and it will focus on energy-saving and waste water recycling in Moka Smart City.

The required criteria for the LEED-ND certification

Usually, the LEED standards deal with energy consumption and water needs. In the LEED-ND certification, facilities must also fit these criteria, The promoter of the Moka Smart has already initiated the procedures and has submitted the project plans to the Green Business Certification Incorporation, a private company which manages all the LEED certifications. The assessment and follow-up in Mauritius will be taken care of by a local certified consultant.

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Furthermore, the design has to fit the set criteria such as good maintenance of the building site during the works. Other requirements include the use of recycled materials and water management on the building site (water recycling among others). Wastes are sorted out and classified before being hauled to waste management or recycling plants.

The LEED certification as a model on the African level

The certification has accredited various urban development projects throughout the world.
«We have chosen to receive this certification in order to show that sustainable development is not just a theoretical principle for us. Once we will receive the certification, we will be the very first urban development project in Mauritius, and one of the rare ones in Africa, to obtain such a label», explains Samuel de Gersigny, in charge of development in Moka Smart City.

Solar lamp posts in Courchamps, Moka

How to get the LEED-ND?

To get the LEED Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certification, the development area must contain at least one building with the LEED certificate. The new PwC Mauritius head office, which is under construction at Telfair Square, the Central Business District of Moka Smart City, will receive the LEED certification. Thus, Moka Smart City already has one of the main criteria to obtain the LEED-ND label.

«Getting this certification implies that we respect a very accurate book of requirements as our infrastructures will have to be in conformity with the standards imposed by the United States Green Building Council, a agency in charge of the conception of the charter linked to the LEED certifications», has added Samuel de Gersigny.

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