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The owner of a residential property may rent his/her property through the PDS Company holding the PDS Certificate or a service provider appointed by the PDS Company to provide property management services.The PDS Company must inform the Board of Investment of the service provider that has been appointed.

Resale or transfer of residential property by a purchaser

The owner of a residential property is allowed to resell his/her property at no minimum price. Where the owner of a residential property intends to sell or transfer the property, he/she is required within 30 days prior to the sale, give notice in writing thereof to the Managing Director of BOI. A copy of the notice shall be given to the PDS Company.

The sale or transfer of the residential property can only be made to:

  • a natural person, whether a citizen of Mauritius, a non-citizen or a member of the Mauritian Diaspora;
  • a company incorporated or registered under the Companies Act;
  • a société, where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies;
  • a limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act;
  • a trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified trustee; or
  • a Foundation under the Foundations Act.

The person acquiring the residential property is required to submit an application as per these guidelines. The application must be accompanied by an attestation of opening a bank account through which money for payment shall be transferred and a non-refundable fee of 10, 000 rupees paid by mode of a cheque drawn to the order of the Board of Investment.

  1. The PDS Concept
  2. Administrative and legal procedures for the acquisition of a PDS unit
  3. Basis of Sale of a PDS unit
  4. Eligibility for acquisition of residential property
  5. Duty and Taxes
  6. Residence Permit in Mauritius
  7. PDS Unit Rental

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