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Beau Plan Smart City is rising slowly but surely. With educational institutions, l’Aventure du Sucre, les Écuries de Mon Rocher, the Creative Park and Beau Plan Business Park already up and running, a Lakeside is currently being developed; smart is the new beautiful. Mango Village, Beau Plan’s residential neighbourhood, now chimes in to complete the well-rounded offer. Construction of off-plan apartments and duplexes (VEFA) will soon start, with delivery expected in early 2022.

A peaceful art de vivre up North!

Developed under the Smart City Scheme, Mango Village will be accessible to both Mauritian and foreign buyers. In the midst of a lush natural environment, this residential neighbourhood will host a cosmopolitan population thanks to its different housing options. The duplex which includes a private garden is perfect for families, while cosy 2 or 3-bedroom apartments will be the perfect fit for young couples who are busy building their careers, as well as senior citizens looking for a peaceful yet practical lifestyle.

Beau Plan, where cultural heritage is secured and creativity sublimated

With the thrust to fully integrate this Smart City into the historical background of the region, the developers have come up with a unique way to bring living standards to the next level. This is why the Mango Village residential units will proudly rise near the old buildings of the sugar factory showcasing their industrial metallic structures. In order to complement this backdrop, the chosen architectural style will combine natural materials and neutral shades.

All apartments and duplexes have also been designed with the goal of providing residents with an intimate atmosphere and dominant views. Nature being the best asset of the site, the buildings will be articulated on different levels to safeguard the greatest possible green spaces. The outcome: the perfect combination of serenity and dynamism.

The Novaterra signature

Beau Plan Smart City overtly ambitions to create a lavish standard of living for future generations through a comprehensive offer: from residential to educational components, going through commercial, creative, cultural and leisure spaces. Residents will also avail a lake, urban spaces, supermarkets, a sports centre, boutiques and restaurants, as well as an array of services and amenities.

Created in 2016, Novaterra is Terra’s real estate division. With the constant badge of excellence and the ability to diversify, Terra group has upheld not only its trustworthiness, but also its financial stability, to high standards throughout its 180 years of existence. Mastering the development of its real estate heritage was therefore the next logical step, encompassing various projects from residential to commercial and office-oriented infrastructures. Building on this positive impulse, 2020 will herald further developments, as well as the launch of works of the lakeside Lifestyle Village.

« Go Live, Go Work, Go Play, Go Learn and Go Create » in this budding town which fuels a unique cultural identity in the North. Mango Village residences will be nestled at the heart of this bountiful environment, in a peaceful environment in close proximity to all amenities. The perfect setting for a dynamic life!

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