Floréal Knitwear factory is reshaping into a new generation urban destination

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Initiated by CIEL Properties, this urban restoration project, located in the heart of Mangalkhan, aspires to convert the former Floréal Knitwear textile factory into an economically innovative, ecologically responsible and socially impactful destination…

Since mixed-use developments are booming, CIEL Properties wants to bring the former factory back to life. This with the right acumen and values, in regard to emerging trends, while having a positive social impact. The purpose is clear: to reinvent the way people interact with their workplace, to create a new, more inclusive and sustainable economy.

The former Floréal Knitwear factory, which has been the industrial and economic nucleus of Mangalkhan for many years, is on the way to regaining its momentum by becoming a privileged harbour for companies, SMEs and start-ups looking for workspaces that encourage collaboration. As a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, the factory will allow companies to interact, exchange, support and collaborate, while helping to promote this new economy.

“We were eager to regenerate this site, which is part of the industrial history of Mauritius. We want to give it a second life around a strong vision. Our goal is to reshape this building into a destination that promotes human relationships with a mix of activities and uses. The new Mangalkhan factory will meet the expectations of entrepreneurs, young workers and communities by offering a modern space and facilities, which allow exchange and collaboration while preserving the essence and soul of this building,” says Olivier Laure, Senior Development Manager at CIEL Properties.

Located merely 230 metres from the future Floréal metro station, the site offers a large parking space and access to a set of shared services, as well as ultra-competitive and flexible rental rates. All the facilities and amenities provided align with the identity and way of life of the destination, in terms of well-being, creative or cultural activities.

CIEL Properties has chosen The Hive, one of the most demanded companies on the market, known for its unique concept of flexi-offices and multi-site and its integrated offers, to promote and operate the spaces of the new factory. By collaborating with CIEL Properties, The Hive pursues the project’s impetus, aimed at boosting the interaction and the way of working and collaborating of Mauritians.

Nicolas Dalais, Founder & CEO of The Hive, explains:

“While workspaces have been in demand for a few years now, CIEL Properties, in association with The Hive, is adapting to market demand with a unique concept: working in the heart of a factory... differently.”

This innovative project, which is scheduled to open in September, has been built over 14,000 m2 and will include more than 8,000 m2 of office, meeting and catering space.

“Our objective is to offer good value for money to our tenants by positioning ourselves lower than the current rates practised on the office real estate market. While we are all emerging from the crisis, we wish to offer our partners additional leverage so that they can quickly achieve their growth objectives. Our offer will start at around Rs 300/m2/month + service charges, along with flexibility in the available office space (from 60 m2 to 2,000 m2). This offer will also meet the new needs of the post-covid period. Because workplaces are becoming more fragmented and remote, we believe that operators are soon considering fragmented formats of their companies, reducing the distances to be covered for their employees. As working time no longer takes place exclusively in the office, it could be organised in adjoining spaces, easily accessible, closer to the place of residence," states Olivier Laure of CIEL Properties.

The building-reconversion project was also designed in partnership with The Good Shop and La Déchethèque, which recovered and gave new life to more than 30 tons of furniture and materials.

Through this exclusive project, the scope of which cannot be summarised in only a few words, CIEL Properties wishes to rethink traditional schemes, in close collaboration with local and professional actors to design a place that is both a workspace and a meaningful place to live.

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