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otera-2Edenrock has created a niche market even though the real estate market is still precarious, by offering tailor made products. These projects keep attracting more buyers and investors seeking a home/second residence that meets their lifestyle and reflects who they are.

Attentive service to sell paradise
The strength of this young and dynamic team is its comprehensive service and support from design to delivery. Tailor made is a state of mind at Edenrock, a corporate culture that places the customer at the heart. Everything is discussed in advance and the client has the ability to model his future home according to his desires. This customized turnkey option is not more costly than a standard product and allows the owner to feel at home, in an environment that suits him.
Class leading service on human-sized projects
Created in 2012 by two real estate enthusiasts, Edenrock today stands as a specialist in the field of tailor made real estate development. To be closer to its customers, this team that brings together many talents, aspires to remain small. The vision is to offer a high-class service on human-sized projects. Human touch and relationship are the key drivers.
Acquire your own piece of Eden at the most beautiful places in Mauritius
Edenrock presents its customers with a rigorous selection of real estate projects in the most beautiful coastal regions of Mauritius. These developments are almost all located in idyllic natural settings on the beachfront, with spectacular ocean views.

With their evocative names that make you dream, the tastefully furnished apartments offer residents a living environment combining comfort, luxury and nature.
Whether it is a luxury residence, with beach bar, spa and gym in Grand Bay, or a quiet home in Pointe-aux-Sables, each project is unique and based on fundamental values; harmonious architecture, development of the site and respect for the environment.
Over the last three years, Edenrock has developed 15 projects with more than 100 units that have already been sold.

otera-2To discover more about these pieces of paradise, contact one of Edenrock’s agents on 5479 2828 | 5479 2929 or visit their website on www.edenrock.mu www.edenrock.mu

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