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Welcome to Montebello Smart City! Designed by MaxCity Group, in partnership with HV Holdings, the project boasts an ideal location between Port-Louis and Ebène. Its development strategy encompasses the preservation and enhancement of the city’s natural heritage, in harmony with urban planning. Here, the notion of living, working and relaxing while being in touch with nature unfolds seamlessly.

Une ville intelligente dynamique

At its heart, the smart city has been designed to meet the expectations of people who value well-being in their professional and personal lives. Offering an enviable environment, in the heart of a unique natural setting and close to all the amenities of city life, it translates as the perfect place to set up your business and invest in your future home.

An unprecedented dynamism will be injected into this 120-acre area, strategically located between the island’s two economic hubs - Port-Louis and Ebène.

By 2025, the smart city will accommodate a residential area, offices, showrooms, shops, a shopping centre, a petrol station and a drive-thru. Pedestrian areas and public transport lanes will be used to promote soft mobility.

Montebello Smart City consists of three distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own purpose and charm. Once the infrastructure work is completed in the 4th quarter of 2023, phase 1 of the 60-acre Montebello Smart City will become a reality, marking the starting point for the construction of the Northern Precinct (destined to become Montebello’s commercial and business district) and the Central Precinct (destined to become Montebello’s residential district).

The Northern Precinct : Built for business, sustained by balance

The site comprises 24 commercial plots, including a commercial and business park. All are within easy walking distance, with showrooms, shops and offices that are as visible as they are accessible: two essential assets for a company’s success. Bordering the M1 motorway, Boulevard Montebello and the verdant Ruisseau Saint-Louis, this area boasts an innovative urban character that blends harmoniously with the natural environment, including green corridors. It also includes a mall and a wellness centre.

The Central Precinct : Designed for living, inspired by nature

The first phase of the residential development, Les Rives de Saint Louis, offers a lifestyle concept completely in tune with nature. A total of 37 serviced plots of land in beautifully landscaped surroundings have been put up for sale for the construction of villas. Phase 2 will include the development of apartments and duplexes in the same eco-village spirit.

The Southern Precinct : Future phase

This area includes the future mixed-use developments of Montebello, promising exciting opportunities for growth and innovation in the years ahead. Collectively, these three districts aim to transform the lives of city inhabitants, with a focus on sustainable development initiatives. Montebello Smart City, the city of tomorrow is being built now.

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