A day at Anahita - by Eric G.

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Eric G. and his wife usually spend a couple of months at Anahita each year
I wake up some time between 7.00 and 8.30, depending on what I did the night before. I take a refreshing shower, always outside regardless of the weather, and that’s my morning treat. Then, I have a heart-warming breakfast made of fresh fruit (mango, passion fruit…), a good cup of coffee, scrambled eggs and – of course – toasts with honey made in Rodrigues and home-made pineapple, papaya or mango jam! I take a look at the local newspapers, L’Express and Le Mauricien, and check my emails.

Then I spend the morning either on a boat trip and snorkelling on the coral reef, troll fishing in the lagoon with a friend, or running errands in Bel Air or in Centre de Flacq, where new supermarkets have opened. Twice a week, we go to Flacq’s market to buy some fruit and vegetables. By 11.00, we stop to eat a dholl puri. Back home around 12.30, we take a dive into the pool before having lunch at 13.30.

If we stay at Anahita in the afternoon, we usually play golf, even under a scorching sun, and read a little, purely lazing under the veranda, in keeping with Mauritian outdoor living lifestyle! I’m passionate about this island, so I read everything about it, from novels to history books. Otherwise, we indulge in a spa ritual at the wellness centre for ultimate bliss!

Once or twice a week, we drive to Saint-Aubin, Bois-Chéri, Chamarel, Moka, or the Domaine de Labourdonnais. We enjoy trying new typical restaurants.

Lastly, we organise several activities with our neighbours: fishing trips, petanque, picnic at l’Ile-aux-Cerfs, sundowners, dinners… In the evening, we eat either in one of Anahita’s restaurants, at home or at our neighbours’… We know everyone here. Thus sometimes, we are also invited by our Mauritian friends.

At Anahita, we live inside a secured micro-village of about a hundred residents. All of them have known the island for more than twenty years. Just like us, Anahita has become their homeport to enjoy the diversity, the culture, the landscapes and warm hospitality of the island.

It’s a privilege to stay at Anahita. It’s a fantastic place, a complete success, one must say. And its success is also due to its ideal location on the island. It’s not a separate zone. We are fortunate to benefit from all the services provided by the resort in terms of sports activities, eating options, spa facilities, while staying at home. And such pleasures are priceless!

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