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Thanks to stategy geared towards best practices, Mauritius has turned into a hub in terms of good governance, ethics, transparency, political and economic freedom. In 2014, the country (ranked 39th worldwide) was ranked 1st African country in terms of competitiveness in the Top most competitive countries published by the World Economic Forum. Mauritius also occupies 1st place of the Ibrahim Index 2014 regarding African Good Governance with a score of 81,7 over 100 and ranked 28th worldwide in the Ease of Doing Business 2015 ranking (regrouping 189 countries).

The financial services sector is one of the main contributors of the Mauritian economy and the country has progressively enhanced its range of financial products by offering high-quality services. In fact, there are lots of reasons to invest in Mauritius. First of all, the island boasts an very attractive tax system promoting foreign investment and unlike several African countries, Mauritius has an excellent record in terms of political, social and financial stability. Moreover, the availability of a highly qualified, bilingual and affordable workforce remains one of the assets of the country. Known as the star and the key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is signatory of several multilateral treaties and conventions for the protection of foreign investors offering an ideal environment where economic conditions are favorable: absence of exchange controls, foreign assets protection, OCDE double-tax treaties, convenient tax zone regarding Europe, Export Processing Zone (manufacturing industries) and free port facilities given to investors. Mauritius is appealing also thanks to its tropical climate, its geography made of high plateaus, coastal plains and coastlines bordered by turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches, not to mention the warm welcome and good mood of Mauritians...

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