5 great reasons to launch your kitchen project now!

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Time suddenly froze when the extension of the confinement period was announced… But your projects don’t need to be kept on hold until the first of June! Unique Concept here shares 5 great reasons why you should take advantage of this time to renovate your kitchen or give your home a makeover.

When you spend so much time at home, you tend to notice every little detail and spot the things which are out of place… Are your closets too narrow? Is your worktop too low, and your kitchen poorly lit? Or do you find your storage space too scarce? Stuck at home for over a month now, you start daydreaming of a new kitchen or laundry room, or even of a custom-made dressing room. Make the most of the circumstances and plan these beautiful projects! Here are a few reasons why.

1. Because Unique Concept is still available, even remotely!

The national lockdown has in no way impacted on the perseverance of the Unique Concept team! With the help of new technologies, the kitchen design expert remains at your service to develop your future kitchen or laundry room in close partnership with you. All you have to do is send your ideas to the team. A few phone and video calls later, you shall receive a sketch of your new space, helping you better visualise your project.

2. Because it is where you live

Your house has been your only field of activity during the confinement. This is why it becomes harder to overlook the dysfunctional problems incessantly arising. Get rid of the leaking sink, the unpractical laundry room or the defective kitchen counter… Turn the situation around by listing your requirements and desires for an optimal kitchen or an ultra-practical laundry room. The experts of Unique Concept shall thence propose functional and aesthetic solutions, adapted to your needs.

3. Because it’s the perfect time to get started

Shaping up a kitchen, fitting out a dressing room, renovating a laundry room… All of these tasks take time. Unique Concept suggests that you start planning out your project without delay! While designing the layout, choosing the materials and considering the different functional aspects can take several weeks, starting your project now can be a real time-saver and help you see the final results quicker.

4. Because having fun is important

It is undeniable that this period of uncertainty can be very stressful for many of us. Working on exciting projects is an excellent way to get rid of anxiety! Go through the Unique Concept catalog for your daily dose of inspiration.

5. Because Unique Concept offers special discounts until the 1st of June!

In these difficult times, the Unique Concept team is convinced that everyone should do their best to revive the country’s economy. Consequently, the company is offering exceptional discounts to its customers until the 1st of June, for the layout of any kitchen, dressing room or laundry room.

Call on the experts of Unique Concept to launch your renovation or development projects!


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