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Mauritius witness increasing temperatures in September. This transition period between winter and summer render the waters’ temperature particularly agreeable and brings perfect conditions for scuba diving. Rain is scarce during this period and visitors will not have to fear disturbing showers. Those staying in Mauritius during the month of September may witness the Ganesh Chaturti . This Hindu festival honours the God Ganesh and the devotees meet at the Grand Bassin sacred lake, the Ganga Talao. They immerse Ganesh’s statue in the lake’s water in order to commemorate his birth. Some of the devotees choose choose to celebrate this event at certain seasides, most particularly at the Baie-Du-Cap beach.

On the 9th of September, Mauritians and mainly Catholics commemorate the Father Laval, a doctor and missionary who accomplished several blessings for the Mauritian community. They converge in processions towards his tomb at St Croix and participate to night masses. In Mauritius, October welcomes summer back. Temperature increases, inviting those wishing to escape Europe’s harsh winter. With the absence of rain and cyclones and with longer days, October is perfect for outdoor adventures and sites visits. In October, the much expected Divali festival is held. This festival commemorates good’s victory over evil and is symbolised by the light. In fact, houses are decorated with clay lamps or colourful light garlands. During this event, excellent traditional pastries are shared among friends and neighbours.

November, just like October is much appropriate for long visits of the Island. Hot and dry, November in Mauritius rhymes with farniente. Days at the seaside and baths are much agreeable during this period of the year. As for the island’s Catholics, they start the month of November with the All Saints’ Day and the Festival of the Dead, two events during which they pray and flower the tombs of their dead loved ones. Masses are celebrated in the country’s churches, inviting everyone for prayer.

The month of December is perfect for a tropical Christmas. Far from the traditional white Christmas, Mauritius will offer sunny beaches. However the same festive and joyful atmosphere animates the country during this period of the year. The shops are decorated in red and white and offer attractive sales, allowing everyone to spoil their loved ones. Shopaholic visitors shall them enjoy those opportunities. For the party animals, there will be many occasions to celebrate the New Year. Pubs and nightclubs will offer themed parties, perfect for those willing to party till dawn.

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