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From the shopping centres to the rustic markets, Mauritius island is full of shopping opportunities. Clothes, food and souvenirs, every taste and every budget shall be satisfied.

The North
Grand Baie
The principal seaside of the island is full of shops. Two major shopping centres which are the Grand Baie La Croisette and the Super U, merging a huge selection local and international brands are found there. Those who prefer luxury products shall appreciate the Sunset Boulevard composed of several shops under the guise of a shopping street.

This Mauritian Northern village is much appropriate for those willing to find traditional Indian clothes. There is something for all ages along Goodland’s main road. Boat Models’ amateurs may visit the Historic Marine factory which is the main manufacturer of the island.

Famous brands, cashmere clothes and luxury lightings, Arsenal is perfect for high class shopping. This northern region is a must for amateurs of quality products.

From the Caudan Waterfront by going through the market after a visit to Chinatown, Port-Louis is undoubtedly the main spot regarding shopping in Mauritius. There are several vendors along the roads of the capital city, proposing a wide range of products bearing unbeatable prices. Those who prefer luxury products will find satisfaction at the Caudan Waterfront while a concentration of local craft is found at the market. As for Chinatown, it offers the opportunity to buy typical Chinese goods such as medicinal herbs.

Thanks to its 130 shops, Bagatelle shopping centre is the dreamed place for shopaholics. Local and international brands, supermarkets, art gallery and library are found to guarantee visitors wide range of choices and quality products. "Les Résidences - Belle Rive", a luxury apartments project will allow a direct access to this fantastic commercial centre. In Moka, there is also ’Les Allées d’Helvétia’, a commercial centre composed of several shops. It is located near housing estates and properties bearing the same name.

Flacq is a suitable place for shopping due to its market. This market is full of different products such as clothes, accessories or even furniture. Held on specific days, Flacq’s market is always crowded.

The West
Flic en Flac
This tourist village of Mauritius western area consists of many local shops. Those seeking local handicraft will find satisfaction all along Flic en Flac’s main road. Those who prefer famous brands will certainly appreciate the Cascavelle shopping centre where many luxury shops are found.

’La Place Cap’ at Tamarin contains different stores under the same roof and offers a welcoming and comfortable setting to allow visitors to shop in a serene environment. This calm and spacious place is much appropriate to stroll in all tranquillity along the corridors full of different shops.

Rivière Noire
Located near the western IRS project ’La Balise Marina’, Le Ruisseau Créole is the elegant touch of this region. Its refined setting welcomes the chic and glamour enthusiasts for long shopping sessions.

Le Sud

In this region you will find one of Mauritius’ most folkloric place, Mahébourg. Every Monday, local vendors meet to offer visitors a wide range of local handicraft. Local products are sold in a typical Mauritian setting and in flea market atmosphere.

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