Preparing your move out: redirection of your mail

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Moving out is always an important event in life. There are many elements to consider, including redirecting your mail. Here is everything you need to know about measures to initiate at the post office of your community to move out with confidence.

4 steps to follow during a change of address:

  1. You must complete the form entitled Request for Redirection, available in all post offices. You can also download the form available on the official website of The Mauritius Post Ltd.
  2. Enter your current address and your new address on the form. Indicate clearly whether the duration of the redirection of your mail is temporary or permanent.
  3. Fill in the names of the persons living in your house to whom you wish to forward the mail.
  4. Leave the form duly filled at the post. In annex, add a copy of the National Identity Card of each person to whom the mail should be forwarded.


The form available on the website of the post cannot be filled online.

Mail will be directed free of charge for a period not exceeding three months. During this time, it is important that you give your new address to all your correspondents. Otherwise, beyond three months, you may lose some of your mail. So take the necessary steps to avoid any bad surprise!

  1. Preparing your move out: redirection of your mail
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