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In order to save time and give customers a better service, certain basic information concerning the various documents needed for processing applications/complaints etc, should be available.

Below is a list of documents required to open a new water distriburion connection:

In the following days, a technical team of the CWA will visit the site to make a statement and a costing of the installations.

For an individual connection, the cost is of Rs 2500 distributed as follows:

Rs 500 for processing fess
Rs 2000 for the expenses of installations (include the meter)
If the length of the feeder pipe is higher than 7 meters, you will have to pay additional expenses for each additional meter, unless you take the responsibility for excavations for the installation of the pipes.

Re-opening of connection

Address to the customer’s service of the nearest CWA provided with the documents following:

View the rates of the CWA here:

Understand Your Bill

(A) Name of Customer
(B) Postal Address
(C) CWA Account Number
(D) WMA Account Number
(E) Bill Period
(F) Bill Serial Number
(G) Meter Number
(H) Deposit Amount
(I) Category of Customer
(J) Tariff Charged
(K) Number of Living Quarters
(L) Date of Payment by Direct Debit
(M) Volume Charged
(N) Arrears on water bills
(O) Arrears on waste water charges
(P) Delivery Date
(Q) Last Date for Payment
(R) Net Amount Due on Current Bill (CWA Charges + Waste water Charges – Prepayment)
(S) Surcharge Amount
(T) Total Amount Due on Current Bill including surcharge.

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