Roads and Transports in Mauritius

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To get from one place to another, you will have the choice between Taxis, public transport (Bus) or rental Car. The road network is well developed throughout the island and its general condition as for main roads is relatively good. The Left Hand Drive requires constant attention from Right Hand drivers.

Driving in Mauritius may be an unforgettable experience. The way Mauritian people drive can be frightening …especially throughout pavement-less villages where pedestrians and animals flock.

Do not be surprised if people drive in the middle of the road instead of driving on the left. They also rarely park on the side of the road to stop, and sometimes, turn without indicating. In short, be careful! You never know what to expect…

They are recognizable from their yellow sign showing the mention “taxi”. Although it is a costly means, the taxi remains the most reliable one to tour around the island and to make one-day journeys. Besides, it turns out that taxi drivers are excellent guides and couriers since they know very well the island. In order to get one, go to taxi stands or just make do with the ones provided by your hotel.

Car rental

If you want to discover the island by yourself, it will not take you long to find a car to hire - yet, an international driving licence is required. There are numerous car rental companies where you will have, at your disposal, a selection of reliable cars, and where you will be offered agreements in due form. Prices differ according to the car model and the rental is charged on a daily wage.

Public transport

This service is provided all over the island: in urban, suburban as well as rural regions. You can make use of the 3 main bus services, depending on the region where you are.

Operating time-slots are namely:
- From 05.00 am to 08.00 pm in the rural region.
- From 05.30 am to 11.30 pm in towns.
- From 05.00 am to 06.30 pm only in villages

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