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For those willing to work in Mauritius, some developing industries will welcome them more easily than others. In the tourism industry, many jobs are to be filled as it represents one of the pillars of the Mauritian economy. The increasing tourists’ arrivals extend the number of employees needed for the industry’s well being. The TIC industry’s quick growth entailed a strong expansion of job offers. With its 300 enterprises, the TIC industry is a suitable environment for those who wish to provide their services to Mauritius, especially web developers and software engineers. This industry already counts 8500 foreign employees but the demand remains the same. The outsourcing industry also represents many recruiting possibilities. Mauritius is a platform welcoming many call centres which entailed many job offers for foreigners. This industry is continually expanding and is made of approximately 350 enterprises which are always looking for new workforce.

Mathematics lovers will also be welcomed to Mauritius. In fact, the BPO industry provides an average of 90 job offers each month. Those job offers target mainly accountants and those capable of fulfilling administrative duties. As far as trade is concerned in Mauritius, it has been relatively resilient to the worldwide financial crisis. It has been able to maintain a growth rate of more than 3%. The country is hence a suitable platform for investors. It entailed the implementation of several businesses in Mauritius, adding a number of job opportunities for those who want to engage in this particular industry.

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