Employment, Visa and BOI Conditions

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An occupation permit is a pre-requisite for those willing to work or to invest in Mauritius. The occupation permit cell is jointly operated by the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) and by the Board of Investment (BoI). A request can be sent online or at the Mauritian embassy/consulate. Some conditions must be fulfilled for the permit to be granted.

For the investors wishing to establish their businesses in Mauritius, their annual profits should be higher than Rs 4 million after a 100000 American dollars initial investment. In the case of professionals willing to work in Mauritius, they must give proof of salaries higher than Rs 45000. For those working in the TIC industry, they must give proof of salaries higher than Rs30000. For the independent businesses, their revenues must be at least Rs60000 following an initial investment of 35000 American dollars. The occupation permit is valid for a period of 3 years for the applicants as well as for their partners and their children of less than 24 years old.

The following documents are necessary for the procedures regarding the occupation permit;

  • A traveling document which validity exceeds the stay’s duration.
  • A valid visa obtained before arriving to Mauritius.
  • A statement of account an amount judge sufficient to cover the stay’s expenses, the scale being fixed to a minimum of 100 American dollars daily.
  • The return’s ticket confirmation
  • A prior entry authorization for destinations other than Mauritius.

A business visa request can be done at the Mauritian embassy/consulate and will be valid for a period of 120 days.

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