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Your lifestyle defines the type of home you desire... More than just a roof over your head, your future home deserves to fill every box of your dream. Before embarking on a building project, explore your options...

Go green

An eco-friendly house generates fewer carbon emissions through efficient use of energy. Building a green home, premade from a kit, can also be time saving. Green home kits offer ready-made building options designed to environmentally friendly specifications which save hours of on-site construction and finish touches. Energy-efficient green options or renewable energy sources - such as solar panels and cells - help to lower bills.

Living in a container

Container houses are trendy and definitely worth exploring and considering. It costs less than a traditional house to build. The traditional use of shipping containers was to transport goods around the world by sea. This implies that these containers are of high quality to suit their use and to withstand the weather conditions. The containers also offer a retrofit solution. Choose to combine several rooms at will to increase the space of your bedroom, dining room or second floor.

Off-plan property

It refers to a property that can be purchased before it is built. These properties are sometimes marketed with the aim of generating a profit on the property before it is completed. An off-plan property might be desirable when a specific area is in high demand. Whether you plan to live in or resell the property, you have the opportunity to select the ideal unit that suits your taste, needs and budget.

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