The kitchen: at the heart of your home and its latest trends

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Reflecting the vital need to feed and recharge oneself, the kitchen is an excellent living space. Accordingly, turning it into a room whereby you can enjoy the little pleasures of life while keeping up with relevant styles is only fair. Let’s catch up on the latest trends of the house’s flagship space.

A constant evolution

Of the whole house, it is by far the most treasured spot of French people... And the centrepiece around which the Mauritian family life revolves. The kitchen has, since its humble beginnings – being purely utilitarian at first, then marked down as quarters for servants – made considerable progress.

Now widespread and valued, the kitchen needs to fit everyone’s aspiration and enhance its assets: on practical and ergonomic as well as aesthetic levels… More than enough reasons why you should keep the pace with the latest trends for your kitchen in order to meet all your needs.

Colours and materials of 2019

For 2019, you can count on luscious colours at times, and on sober and natural ones otherwise. Thus, for the gourmets – as a reminder of the ’70s –, you can find shades of mustard, vintage rose, or crushed raspberry. For nature-lovers, opt for tones of straw or of terracotta for a more relaxing atmosphere. As for the materials, the Scandinavian style is in the spotlight, thanks to wood, which marks its great comeback in the kitchen: whether as a kitchen counter or to adorn the drawers and cupboards. This noble material is regaining popularity. The brass effect is also one of the emerging trends of late 2018-19 for lovers of industrial chic finish.

The "extras" for the trendsetters

The rounded central islet – Specially designed for large spaces, the 2019 islet is catching on and grooms itself with more curves. Perfectionists will tend to make the most of this element by including storage spaces.

The maximised sideboard – The space behind the sink is hardly used... And yet! 2019 takes advantage of underused spaces. This includes the ‘credenza’, whereby storage space can be added – particularly convenient for kitchen utensils. However, it is important to keep in mind that the layout of a kitchen, to make the most of the optimum space, should be decided from the drawing phase of the future building. This way, wise choices can be made with regards to the placement of openings and outlets for excavation of water for instance.

Connected, a must to stay up to the minute

While this room has become an authentic living space over time, the kitchen is where we eat, welcome guests, and work... In other words, where we live. It should, therefore, keep stem with technology to suit all your needs.

Convenient, your dream kitchen has induction stations allowing you to charge your mobile phones while cooking. It even includes USB ports for equipment needing a cable.

Futurists, some cooks even give you the option to control everything within one click from your phone with a mobile application. You can hence adjust lighting and sound.

Yes, a sound system is also one of the options of the modern kitchen, because it contributes to creating a modular atmosphere as per your desires. An added value to a kitchen at the cutting edge of technology, for an even warmer and friendly living space.

Your outdoor kitchen, a prerequisite of island life

The outdoor kitchen shall be your best friend when hosting your barbecue parties and when welcoming your friends over during sweet summer evenings. The outdoor kitchen is becoming more common, trendy and equipped.

A little bonus which often delights epicureans, – the perfect opportunity to get smitten with the latest barbecue appliance, a plancha, and for the most experienced ones: the pizza oven.

Tempting ideas indeed! A crucial point to consider, however: you should not skimp on the means when purchasing materials. For a sustainable finished product resisting to bad weather, consider materials such as quartz or stainless steel – highly resistant, but also easy to maintain.

Finally, when it comes to having a barbecue, it inevitably means guests. Do not hesitate to invest in outdoor heating, or even in an awning (or another type of shelter) to make the most of this little gem regardless of the weather conditions.

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