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Founded in 2016 under the brand "Stagissimo Expérience", Smart Traveller started its activities by supporting French trainees during their stay on our island, helping them with their student visa, airport transfers, accommodation and so forth. Since then, the company has evolved, broadening its offer to professionals, investors, company managers, self-employed and retirees.

The main purpose of Smart Traveller? To facilitate the arrival of expatriates in Mauritius. If you dream of settling here, but the fear of change, along with the administrative procedures, are holding you back, Smart Traveller might exactly be the solution to your needs! From the administrative formalities to settling into your new home, the Smart Traveller team will be happy to accompany you for a serene expatriation to Mauritius, from your departure to your arrival, and more.

With a team of Mauritians and expats who all fell in love with the island, this company will be happy to help you throughout your project thanks to its various support services. You will be able to enjoy a professional service while benefiting from the team members’ personal experiences.

The services include the complete follow-up of administrative procedures (obtaining residence and work permits, children’s school enrolment, etc.), house hunting (renting, as well as real estate acquisition), opening a bank account or introducing you to a business/private network in Mauritius.

Accompanied by the expertise of external consultants: recruitment, real estate, lawyer, travel agency, insurer... The team makes every effort to ensure a serene arrival in Mauritius.

Smart Traveller, much more than a support through your administrative steps!

Once you have settled into your new life, you will have to think about fitting in! If you are worried about not being able to easily create and establish ties upon your arrival, don’t be afraid: Smart Traveller has thought of everything for you.

Indeed, no stones are left unturned to facilitate your integration with a community of Mauritians and expats who are welcoming and friendly, and who will be keen to share their experiences and tips with you. In addition to offering a complete and human service, they have also created the Smart Expat / Smart Company / Smart Student guides where you can discover everything Mauritius has to offer, a few tips to prepare your departure as well as your arrival, and a whole range of practical information.

All that is left to do now is pack your suitcase!

For more details, contact Anaïs:
Phone: (+230) 5 863 0434
Whatsapp: (+230) 5 972 5818
Email: [email protected]

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