Residential Real Estate: The 5 Most Popular Regions in Mauritius (And why they are so attractive…)

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Since more than 10 years, Mauritius has experienced a significant boom within its real estate sector which resulted in a wide range of residential projects throughout the island: the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS launched in 2001), the Real Estate Scheme (RES launched in 2007) the Property Development Scheme (PDS launched in 2015), the Smart City Scheme (launched in 2016), not to mention the numerous local projects thriving in all regions of the island. In fact, the real estate sector remains the main source of Foreign Direct Investment for Mauritius (Rs 7.3 billion for the first 3 semesters of 2017). But what are the most sought-after regions in Mauritius in terms of residential real estate? Based on property searches performed on, we provide you with some insights about the most popular regions on the Mauritian property market:

1. Flic en Flac
Located on the western coast of Mauritius, this seaside village ranks No 1 in terms of property searches on the website in 2017 with a total of 843 000 pageviews compared to 2016, that is a rise of 48%.

Beautifully set in Black River district between Medine sugar estate and the breeding farm and hunting zone in Wolmar. Formerly known for its local cemetery and for wild ducks hunting, Flic en Flac is nowadays very popular for its hotels (Sugar Beach Mauritius, Sofitel Mauritius L’Imperial Resort & Spa, Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa, Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, La Pirogue Mauritius, Villas Caroline…). Over the years, the village has experienced a significant real estate boom confirming its growing attractivity. As a matter of fact, Médine Group has launched in September 2017 its Unicity Smart City project, a new Live-Work-Enjoy-Learn Hub regrouping residential units, schools, universities, commercial malls, sports and leisure facilities, zones dedicated to art and culture as well as a botanical park stretching over 823 arpents from Bambous, Cascavelle to Flic en Flac.

Moreover, Flic en Flac has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius: one and a half kilometre of white sandy beach bordering a turquoise lagoon, perfect for aquatic activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking or just swimming. It is therefore not surprising that Flic en Flac is so popular for those seeking to settle in piece of paradise.

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2. Quatre Bornes
This town has been visited more than 700 000 times in 2017 via real estate ads on the website compared to 2016, that is a rise of 40%. Why does Quatre Bornes spark so much interest?

Also known as “Ville des Fleurs” (literal translation – City of Flowers, Quatre Bornes is famous for its colonial houses, its market or its famous right-angle roads. But did you know that Quatre Bornes was one of the first residential towns to have access to electricity, and that many prominent figures such as Sir William Newton or Cardinal Margéot (the first Mauritius priest to be named Cardinal).

Quatre Bornes is very sought after and numerous reasons account for this: the climate (one of the best according to the inhabitants, its liveliness (market, shopping malls, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, medical centres, banks etc.), a peaceful living environment and its connectivity with other regions of the island particularly Port Louis located about 15 kilometres away.

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3. Grand Baie
Ranked 3rd among the most searched regions on, Grand Bay accounts for a total number of page views of 557 000 in 2017 compared to 2016, that is a significant rise of 40%. Grand Bay is as an old fishermen’s village which is today perceived as the French Riviera where most resorts of Mauritius are nestled, famous worldwide.

Located in the north of the island, the name of ‘Grand Bay’ was inspired by its magnificent bay. The real metamorphosis of Grand Bay started back in the 70s with the construction of the Merville Beach Hotel. Today the gentle tranquillity of Grand Bay has since given way to the vitality with the rise of new tourism infrastructures: new hotels, restaurants, bars and shops have emerged along the beautiful pristine shoreline of the village, to the delight of tourists... as well as expatriates and locals!

RES projects in Grand Bay:
Le Clos du Littoral

PDS project in Grand Bay:

4. Tamarin
Former main town of the district of Black River, Tamarin stands as one of the most popular regions of the Mauritian property market. This fishermen village was searched on the website more than 485 000 in 2017 compared to 356 000 in 2016: a rise of 40%.

In the past, the Dutch gave the name ’Molucque Reede’ (Baie aux Huîtres) to Tamarin. Then, the French give it the name of Bras de Mer of the Tamarin, while the black river became the Rivière du Tamarin, due to the tamarind trees that abounded in the region. This small authentic village well-known for its salt pans, has successfully preserved the wildness of the unspoilt region of the west coast of Mauritius. Tamarin beach is famous for its stunning sunsets and for being one of the best surf spots of the island.

Set away from the touristic bustle of Flic en Flac (a dozen of kilometres away), Tamarin is a peaceful village which has experience a major real estate boom since a couple of years. Major projects include the construction of hotels, luxury residences, residential complexes…Did you know that the first ever IRS project to be launched in Mauritius was in Tamarin: Tamarina Golf Estate and Beach Club? It is therefore not surprising that Tamarin is ranked among the top 5 most popular regions in Mauritius in terms of property search.

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5. Pereybère
Pereybere comes in 5th position of the most searched regions on the website. Located at only 10 minutes’ drive from the vibrant seaside resort of Grand Bay, this haven of peace is perfect for those looking for an authentic lifestyle. Famous for its stunning white sandy beach and turquoise crystal-clear lagoon, Pereybere attracts both tourists and locals.

Pereybere has various assets: a perfect geographic location along the northern coast of Mauritius, a sunny climate all year round, a peaceful and pleasing living setting, nearby shops, a booming property market…That’s why Pereybere is so popular: 395 000 pages views in 2017 compared to 250 000 in 2016: a rise of 58%.

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