Protecting your home: what you need to know

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What is the best way to make your home safer? Several options are available to ensure better protection, whether it is with the help of alarms, surveillance cameras, special aluminium openings, security gates and connected equipment. Here are some tips for you so that you can sleep soundly.

Securing your home every day

Investing in an anti-intrusion alarm or in security cameras is undoubtedly the best way to protect yourself against burglaries. There are moreover a few other proven alternatives which can help you protect your home on a daily basis.

When you are not at home, even if it is for a short period of time, it is recommended that you close your windows and lock your doors. You may want to use special accessories such as aluminium openings, armoured doors, security grills or roller shutters as well. To discourage intrusions, some people also use special lock systems for gates. Magnetic, rocker or in stainless steel, these padlocks make it harder for burglars to enter the property.

Faking your presence in the house is a common and effective trick to thwart burglary. Seeing light inside of the house or hearing a radio turned on may scare the intruder who will then avoid venturing inside. This being said, to optimise the precautionary measures, an alarm system and/or surveillance cameras are prerequisites. As for our four-legged friends, while they can be good watchdogs, it is necessary to ensure that they do not trigger your alarm system as they move around the motion detectors.

Alarm systems: the options

Working collectively with security companies on the island, alarm systems are generally equipped with motion sensors and a centralised structure in order to contact the central monitoring station. The alarm system – activated using a keypad, a remote control, or a badge –, is commonly triggered with an alarm siren whenever suspicious movements are detected.

Some systems also come with practical options which can provide additional reassurance to owners (for example, the possibility of communicating with the system via SMS in case you forget to lock your doors correctly, or if they have not been properly closed). Outdoor sirens are powerful in decibels. Their purpose is to warn the neighbourhood and the authorities if there has been a break-in. Sometimes, they come with light signals as well to indicate the location of the concerned house. Indoors, the sirens are intended to be bothersome and discourage the intruder who may have entered the house. A device which is not essential but is highly recommended is the use of surveillance cameras. They allow homeowners to see what is happening in their homes if the siren goes off.

When security and advanced technology go hand in hand

Automation and control from a distance… For your optimal peace of mind, why not rely on domotics? In addition to remote management of systems such as heating, light or other related devices, you can consolidate your home security with high-end technology.

Home automation ensures safety, whether to prevent risky situations such as gas or water leakage or to prevent burglaries. With your smartphone, you can in a few seconds emulate your presence at home (by turning on your lights for example) as well as trigger and manage your security cameras, and/or your alarms remotely. Whether it is an automatic alert on your phone when suspicious movements are detected in your home, or a screen to view what is happening there in real-time, home automation can be very useful for your safety.

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